Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Rowing across the back waters
into the green serenity.
Leaving behind a trail of ripples
We sail into the silence that echoed loudly.

Softly the nature rendered its tunes in a medley.
In sync to the rhythm of our heart beats
while the waves began to sway in harmony.
The breeze came along gently and carried it across the sea.

The water froze still as we reached the shore beside.
And the sky gazed at it as though it's looked into a mirror beneath.
Painting its face from blue to dark crimson,
It bid farewell to the exhausted sun.

Now it's all set to welcome the new host for the night.
And slowly the moon emerged between the silver lines.
Just like a mascot of peace,
All dressed in pristine white.

Holding hands we strolled together in the twilight.
Suddenly, she stopped for a moment and looked into my eyes.
No words were spoken yet a lot was said.
We hoped this moment lasted forever and there wasn't another day ahead.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Every step you take you'll find me beside
No matter how far you travel you'll find me by your side
I'll be around be it morn, mid-day or dusk

I'll be right behind you when you walk towards the scorching sun
And leading you while you walk into the night
While the sun is sinking down

Even if you are on cloud #9 or drowned in the abyss of despair
I won't ever talk back even if you were to tell me lies
I will listen to all the stories whenever you want to share

On bright sunny days I'm at the reach of your sight
During gloomy days you can still
Catch a glimpse of me all the time

Never heed to what the world says
Don't you ever break down or turn around
Just keep your head straight and march on your way

It doesn't matter how the world sees you
And whichever path you choose to tread
You'll be the one I'll always look up to
I, your SHADOW will never leave you alone

Saturday, June 09, 2007


How strange some relationships are?

Some begin that very moment you’re born.

Some are destined for you even before you’re formed.

Some begin with a simple glance

Some begin over an argument for taking your stance.

Many take wings between two virtual windows.

And some just head nowhere

even if they’re in the next door.

Now don’t forget the old coffee place or pub.

Where it begins with a stir or even while you shout cheers.

A few you think that’ll last forever.

And some that just begins and moves no further.

Some begin and end between two destinations.

Few are like those railway tracks that travel for miles together

But do they get to ever meet each other?

No matter where you began, right now you’re here.

Reading this scribble that’s just about to end.

Now, here you have a choice either take it or leave it.

If you want to begin a new bond,

You can leave your comment just before you leave.