Monday, May 21, 2007

Voices from the attic

Blinded by pitch darkness I’m cornered in loneliness,
All alone in this big mansion that's a stranger to daylight,
Deeply submerged in darkness.
I can't even see a ray of light.
I feel like I'm drowning deeper,
And there’s no one to rescue me from this plight.

I'm left with no hope or strength,
And there's no way I can escape.
Nor is there anyone to converse or understand,
In this god forsaken night not even the moon's there to help,
Neither my shadow' is in sight for me to confide.

Suddenly, whispers pierce like arrows through darkness
And the silence is shattered like a dropped ming vase.
Eventually the voices get louder and louder
And the deafening silence dissolves into the thin air.
As the voices from the attic begin to resonate;

Here the past lies untouched and it gets mysterious everyday
It could be true or just a deceptive game of my mind.
I sit there perplexed as I hear the voices echo over my head.
Some scream for freedom and some shout in remorse.
All they want now is a slave who can serve them right

A mind, which they can rule upon.
A puppet with its strings in their hands.
I refuse, I resist but this seems to be the toughest task.
They plead and beg so that I open the attic door
And let them out from their dungeon
Where they've been trapped since they were born.

I close my ears tight and pretend to be deaf
Yet those voices just don't leave.
No matter to whom I tell this, they just don't believe.
The world calls me a schizophrenic
But that's not what I am according to me.

I'm gifted and I'm special.
My vision exceeds what you see.
Someday, I'll also be cured and free
And pretend to lead a life normally.
Just like everyone else around me.


megha said...

Liked it though not as much as ur other poetries though,anyways keep up the good work :)!!

megha said...

Liked it ,not as much as ur other scribbles though..:)
keep up the good work :)!!

Nemo said...

I'm out of words here.
It's just...PHENOMENAL!


Megna.m said...

Words used in such a way that the feelings expressed truely captured the "situation"....

great work Ammie.

really....great work...

ruchika said...

as amazing as ever! simple yet leaves a gr8 impact on the reader!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Bro....
Amazing as usual..... U r getting better and better..
keep rolling

Chinmaya said...

amazing..left me with an awe..gr8 description n as usual,u rock man!!!..keep it up n let many more come frm ur end..

INDR's Angels said...

"Someday I'll also be cured and free
And pretend to lead a life normally
Jus like everyone else around me"

your masterstroke !
awesome piece yet again.

invisible reflections said...

WOW WOW WOW .. loved it from top to bottom !!! really very very very interesting !!!

sashu said...

beautiful as ever! got some very strong lines in der charlie! kudos to ya! :)

hir said...

aah, another superb write from u, dis time u got in some one's shoes(i guess, hehe), the fear, the pain, the confusion, beautifully penned.

Benaifer said...

Nice work...well that's nuthin new to u....but somewhere found sumthn lil lackin in the one :(

Matangi Mawley said...

good one.. :)

Anonymous said...

quite nice : ) Cindu

yellow iris said...

i always felt schizophrenias are people who are not ill. very contrary to the popular belief they are people with imagination.
they are truly gifted as u mentioned and one just needs to overlook there sufferings and give them the warmth and love they so desperately are in need of.this poem shows ur sensitivity but look at them from a different angle and those very personalities will begin to delight and amuse you:)

Deja Vu said...

i had to go and look up schizophrenia for this one.lolz. well yeh i agree u kno i believe that maybe jus maybe these people are gifted.that thy can percieve more than we do. if u try to show a blind man a rainbow he wont believe such a thing exists.why shud it? i mean colors in thin air.u wont believe it till u see it in all its glory. if all were blind then they would try to cure my by putting up reasons that there is noting like that. there is no sight. sometimes u feel like that living in indian society. u r supposedly mad becoz u do not follow the hypocritic rules of indian society. aww hec. i am getting too pissed for writing better not go tht way.lolz. as for the writing its pretty straight forward. i want to kno what u were trying to do. becoz when these sorta writings come to me they come in very twisted language tht tries to express wht a person under tht condition is goin through. but have u simplified it??? so tht "normal" ppl can understand and not shy away?? well for me the writing is too structured to potray schizophrenia at its heigt i think. these are my own personal ideas abt it.i was brutal as u asked me to.dnt take it other wise boss. but as always the subject matter is as intriguing as ever.well done boss.