Thursday, May 03, 2007


Streaks of lightning racing across the sky
While the thunder's chasing them from behind
Riding across the rain slashed roads
I zip like a thunderbolt under the gray clouds
I dart through puddles like a comet in the sky
While drops of rain splash all over my face
I feel like I'm taking a stroll on the seaside
There's none to stop, except Me
As I indulge in sheer ecstasy
Speed thrills or kills I didn't want to explore
Cos I'd gone beyond that
In pursuit of touching the horizon
All alone I rode like a monarch on wheels
While the meek took shelter on either sides
Accelerating slowly I zoomed ahead in poise and in control
The feeling was so exhilarating I just couldn't get enough
I felt like going on and invading a few miles more
I just hoped the road doesn't end
Untill the rain had stopped its reign


Anonymous said...

hey, sad that rain had stopped n u had to end this journey... wow the rider is indeed strong,courageous and mighty to go against the cutting winds...
Good show,
roll bro roll:>)

INDR's Angels said...

i am blessed that i am the first one to comment.
awesome piece.\
fantabulous, dude.

vrinda said...


Megna.m said...

i could feel the thrill in my veins just reading your scribble :)

Awesome stuff :)

sridari said...

this is also damn gud!!

Sanchari said...

Ur poem struck me like lightning!
need i say more?

Chinmaya said...

vvvvvvvvvvvvrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....2 2 gud a description..:)

invisible reflections said...

yeah i think its just good.. doesnt really create a pic.. atleast did not.. for me when i read it.. bt loved a few of ur lines.. really admire d way ur mind works.

Shal said...

This reminds abt my rides in the rain
i jus love to ride in the rain
good one :)

blogged in! said...

Good One...

rukhiya said...

Reminded me of how I zoom home thru the rain-2 things i love-biking and rains-to have em both in one piece of poetry- Im game :)