Saturday, May 05, 2007


On the grains of sand she left behind her footsteps,
As she walked towards the horizon into the sunset.
She carried a jar of water over her head,
which she'd filled from the nearest sweet water well.
Though it was a few miles away,
it was the closest from where she stayed.

Walking beside the row of palm trees,
she could hear the chirping of birds above,
as they returned to their homes.
Taking little steps one by one
suddenly she stumbled upon something in the dark.
It was pitch black out there,
And not even a star in sight.

She felt it gently with her tender hands,
Just to know if it was a piece of rock,
and the very moment she felt the warm breath.
That’s when she got to know it was a lost traveler,
Who had collapsed after losing his conscious on the ground,
And this wasn't at all something new for her.

She sprinkled a few drops of water,
Just to bring him back to life,
Slowly he gained conscious and opened his weary eyes,
Only to see a silhouette,
That was darker than the night.
He was startled for a while cos’ he couldn't see a thing.
And questioned her in a lost voice "what happened to me?"

For this she replied in the voice of an angel,
"You must have got a lil too tired on the way to your destiny
but now you're ok after you woke up from your deep sleep".
He lost himself after he heard her voice,
It sounded like a song and it kept echoing in his ears.
And was almost mute as he didn't know what he should do.

Once again she spoke to him with her delicate voice
"You can spend the night in my village until it's dawn.
For the night is too dark to go on your way.
And beasts of the wild lurk out there in search of their prey.
But once it turns morn you're on your own".
He smiled at her instantly but couldn't see if she smiled back,
And followed her to the village as she led him to her place

The night was really dark and not a thing could be seen.
The only thought that lingered in his mind was:
How was it that only she could see?
He didn't want to question her now or even start a talk
for he was afraid that she might get annoyed.
Or, she might abandon him in the middle of nowhere.

They reached her hut and she gave him some place to rest
There wasn't even a single lamp lit to reveal her face.
She gave him some water and some left over bread
He ate that without uttering a single word,
And fell asleep even while he was at it,
as he was too dry and tired.

The next day he woke up to the bright light,
As the sun's rays pricked him and masked his face.
He saw that he was alone in the hut and not a soul around.
Then he heard someone sweep near the doorway.
He rushed to see the girl who helped him that previous night.
Amidst the dust she stood with a glowing face,
And she looked like an angel amidst a cloud of dust.

He walked to her immediately and thanked her for the help.
And asked her a simple question,
Which haunted his mind all through the night.
"How could you find your way back when the night was so dark?"
For which she gave a reply and that left him completely dumb struck.

“This is the world you live in and this is where you'll forever be.
A world that’s bright with sunlight and filled with colours and shades.
But the world I live in is filled with darkness
and that's how it was and so will it be.
For I was born blind and everything seems same for my eyes
whether it's a bright sunny day or the darkest starless night.


INDR's Angels said...

wow ! as usual you reached the crescendo at the ver last few gripping lines ! copyright your works dude ! and the font and the ambience is again an enigmatic delight. cheeriyo !

Megna.m said...

astonishing...simply beautiful.....left me lost in your words the way he was left lost in the darkness......

Benaifer said...

Hey Charlie...very few people possess the magic of turnin the most ordinary into extraordinary...n ur one of them...a sculptor who can turn the ugliest looking clay into a beautiful structure...

coming to this work...i think its not only ur best work, but perhaps one of the finest works that ive ever left me speechless...

Anonymous said...

yes bro as usual u ve scaled ur heights with ur ideas and ur words... "MIND BLOWING"

sashu said...

well itz an awesome piece i must say..lovely as ever, yet i loved it more dan ever.. i especially loved de rite towards de lines wer awesome..n made me realize how lucky i am to be able to see diz colorful world..n at de same tym realise dat goodness f de heart still prevails! lovely write charlie..

Anonymous said...

Really liked this one big, bad wolf.... ;P

Sridari said...

hey really cool one..

sridari said...

hey real coool talent in ya..

hir said...

Wow, Charlie, dis is one of ur best, i loved d way u made it realistic n i ws speechless whn i approached the end.

MysTique... said...

Awesome work!! tho it didn' rhyme.. the verses were perfectlt blended... skillfully weaved.. too good!!!

Anonymous said...

You spin magic with your words that can bring out the most enigmatic saga behind the simplest of gestures!
This particular scribble left me spell-bound!


V said...

poignant, thanks for letting us know how lucky we are.

ruchika said...

hey, have read such amazing stuff in ages. very well written nd beautifully explained, just like a fairy tale. went thru the entire poem thrice. have simply fallen in luv wt it.keep writing....

invisible reflections said...

amazing thought!! beautifully structured.nice flow!!

Matangi Mawley said...

wow!! long time since i d read smething like tht.. beautiful!

prakrithi said...

hey, this was jus tooo good...perhaps d best of ur words to describe...leaves me speechless...awesome!

devanshi said...

i donno y i keep coming back to it time n again....this scribbling or urs is magic..!!

kamna said...

byond dis wrld..
leads to utopia..
radr..guides one to..
god bless

Anonymous said...

all the adjectives would definitely be less!!!!!Im speechless