Monday, May 21, 2007

Voices from the attic

Blinded by pitch darkness I’m cornered in loneliness,
All alone in this big mansion that's a stranger to daylight,
Deeply submerged in darkness.
I can't even see a ray of light.
I feel like I'm drowning deeper,
And there’s no one to rescue me from this plight.

I'm left with no hope or strength,
And there's no way I can escape.
Nor is there anyone to converse or understand,
In this god forsaken night not even the moon's there to help,
Neither my shadow' is in sight for me to confide.

Suddenly, whispers pierce like arrows through darkness
And the silence is shattered like a dropped ming vase.
Eventually the voices get louder and louder
And the deafening silence dissolves into the thin air.
As the voices from the attic begin to resonate;

Here the past lies untouched and it gets mysterious everyday
It could be true or just a deceptive game of my mind.
I sit there perplexed as I hear the voices echo over my head.
Some scream for freedom and some shout in remorse.
All they want now is a slave who can serve them right

A mind, which they can rule upon.
A puppet with its strings in their hands.
I refuse, I resist but this seems to be the toughest task.
They plead and beg so that I open the attic door
And let them out from their dungeon
Where they've been trapped since they were born.

I close my ears tight and pretend to be deaf
Yet those voices just don't leave.
No matter to whom I tell this, they just don't believe.
The world calls me a schizophrenic
But that's not what I am according to me.

I'm gifted and I'm special.
My vision exceeds what you see.
Someday, I'll also be cured and free
And pretend to lead a life normally.
Just like everyone else around me.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


On the grains of sand she left behind her footsteps,
As she walked towards the horizon into the sunset.
She carried a jar of water over her head,
which she'd filled from the nearest sweet water well.
Though it was a few miles away,
it was the closest from where she stayed.

Walking beside the row of palm trees,
she could hear the chirping of birds above,
as they returned to their homes.
Taking little steps one by one
suddenly she stumbled upon something in the dark.
It was pitch black out there,
And not even a star in sight.

She felt it gently with her tender hands,
Just to know if it was a piece of rock,
and the very moment she felt the warm breath.
That’s when she got to know it was a lost traveler,
Who had collapsed after losing his conscious on the ground,
And this wasn't at all something new for her.

She sprinkled a few drops of water,
Just to bring him back to life,
Slowly he gained conscious and opened his weary eyes,
Only to see a silhouette,
That was darker than the night.
He was startled for a while cos’ he couldn't see a thing.
And questioned her in a lost voice "what happened to me?"

For this she replied in the voice of an angel,
"You must have got a lil too tired on the way to your destiny
but now you're ok after you woke up from your deep sleep".
He lost himself after he heard her voice,
It sounded like a song and it kept echoing in his ears.
And was almost mute as he didn't know what he should do.

Once again she spoke to him with her delicate voice
"You can spend the night in my village until it's dawn.
For the night is too dark to go on your way.
And beasts of the wild lurk out there in search of their prey.
But once it turns morn you're on your own".
He smiled at her instantly but couldn't see if she smiled back,
And followed her to the village as she led him to her place

The night was really dark and not a thing could be seen.
The only thought that lingered in his mind was:
How was it that only she could see?
He didn't want to question her now or even start a talk
for he was afraid that she might get annoyed.
Or, she might abandon him in the middle of nowhere.

They reached her hut and she gave him some place to rest
There wasn't even a single lamp lit to reveal her face.
She gave him some water and some left over bread
He ate that without uttering a single word,
And fell asleep even while he was at it,
as he was too dry and tired.

The next day he woke up to the bright light,
As the sun's rays pricked him and masked his face.
He saw that he was alone in the hut and not a soul around.
Then he heard someone sweep near the doorway.
He rushed to see the girl who helped him that previous night.
Amidst the dust she stood with a glowing face,
And she looked like an angel amidst a cloud of dust.

He walked to her immediately and thanked her for the help.
And asked her a simple question,
Which haunted his mind all through the night.
"How could you find your way back when the night was so dark?"
For which she gave a reply and that left him completely dumb struck.

“This is the world you live in and this is where you'll forever be.
A world that’s bright with sunlight and filled with colours and shades.
But the world I live in is filled with darkness
and that's how it was and so will it be.
For I was born blind and everything seems same for my eyes
whether it's a bright sunny day or the darkest starless night.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Streaks of lightning racing across the sky
While the thunder's chasing them from behind
Riding across the rain slashed roads
I zip like a thunderbolt under the gray clouds
I dart through puddles like a comet in the sky
While drops of rain splash all over my face
I feel like I'm taking a stroll on the seaside
There's none to stop, except Me
As I indulge in sheer ecstasy
Speed thrills or kills I didn't want to explore
Cos I'd gone beyond that
In pursuit of touching the horizon
All alone I rode like a monarch on wheels
While the meek took shelter on either sides
Accelerating slowly I zoomed ahead in poise and in control
The feeling was so exhilarating I just couldn't get enough
I felt like going on and invading a few miles more
I just hoped the road doesn't end
Untill the rain had stopped its reign