Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Parting ways

Together they sat all cuddled up before the fireplace
The silence was quite deafening
As all that one could hear was the burning of wood in the furnace
Outside the snow flakes were descending from heavens above
The moon had covered itself with a thick blanket of clouds
It was her birthday but she wasn’t that overjoyed
All her excitement had turned into despair
For the thought of missing him haunted her mind
Cos he’d be battling for the nation few days from today
And it was the last night they’d ever get to meet
As he had to return to the Air base the very next day
The moment he remembered it he hugged her tight
Looked straight into her eyes and kissed her forehead
Tears rolled down her eyes and triggered an avalanche
And this buried her soul in debris of her broken heart
But she had to bear the pain as he wasn’t just her hero
He was the nation’s hero who had to save another day
Now they had to part ways as the dawn came near
And this was the first time ever
They never wanted to see the day break
They wished the night should remain the same
Without ever getting to see the sun’s blinding rays
Now all he had to spare were a few words of comfort
And a promise that he would return one day
With freedom for his motherland and love for his lass
Until then, he said to her by whispering into her ears
Look up to the skies whenever I flash before your eyes
Blow a gentle kiss and whisper your message
The winds will carry it to me wherever I might be
And before I leave I give you my word
That one day be it dusk or dawn I’ll surely return
Even if I have to cheat death and fight with fate
And I’ll carry you away to a land far away

Where we’ll grow old together and end in the grave the same day


sashu said...

lovely write yet again charlie! :) loved it towards de end..de fathers words to his lass..lovely! :) n it seems even more better wen u read it along wid "clingin..."
great write as ever!

A Poetess said...

I dont know weder to h8 u or love u for managing to touch some nerves with poems like these charlie..really nice...and i think that's a gros understatement!!

"And this buried her soul in debris of her broken heart
But she had to bear the pain as he wasn’t just her hero"

Anonymous said...

Fantastic!!! and spell bound work.
" Look up to the skies whenever i flash before your eyes, Blow a gentle kiss and whisper your message The winds will carry it to me wherever i might be ".
Mind blowing Airforce Pilots Tale, and very true. Blessed are those who are the heroes of their Love and the Doyen's of their Nation..

My Salute Bro..

Deja Vu said...

i would have said this is an excellent poem if u had not said that this is the prequel to Clinging onto hope. then again i may interpret it in another way (clinging onto hope i mean). but what ever today my comment is more a refection of my mood than your poem. but if i forget it is to be the prequel to clinging onto hope then its excellent. i believe he is gonna keep his promise. in some way or another. maybe even if you dont know it he is keeping his promise. that is he is there but only she can see him. who are we to call someone insane?? at a time all the greatest thinkers would have been thought to be insane. Galileo lost his life jus because others said he lied about all that he said. well in the same way maybe he is there just that not all people can see him. well but the poem is wonderful. however with an optimist (as you have already guessed i am) it doesnt quite take(because of its sequal). but otherwise grt piece. i wonder sometimes you know Charlie. what r u an optimist and pessimist? one of these days i wanna kno. all i can say is that u r interesting for now.

Antara Mukherji said...

Charlie..like i told you very well written specially its like a story told in poetry!
I smell a budding script-writer!
you never know?!

INDR's Angels said...

once again i went through an emotional ride. wow !

benaifer said...

Soo beautiful n touchin...especially the end...i felt as tho the fireplace was actually in front of my eyes...very imaginable indeed...

rishika said...

Its just mindblowing,ur work is simply impeccable.....ur portray can drift anyone to a beautiful land of love.

Megna.m said...

"Look up to the skies whenever I flash before your eyes"
"Where we’ll grow old together and end in the grave"

hard hitting words........its like the final touch of words being exchanged......

great scribble ammie :)


mohammad said...

hey scribbler...glad u sent me the link...and m too glad to read it...it is a great write as people hav said...lovely choice of words and a very apt title...the flow is great...loved each word of this!!
thank you...

My World said...

love, courage, sacrifice, hope, pining for a loved one. So much feeling. so poignant!