Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I got to move on
I won't ever say die
I have to live
And I'm determined that I'll survive
I'm deeply wounded
And sorely I bleed
But this rage in me
Would never ever heed
Until I've reached the other side

It all began when my plane got hit
And it immediately dived 'n' accepted defeat
It's just a machine that served its objective
But its man has a greater mission to accomplish
Though I survived the crash
I got shot by the ruthless enemy
His aim was good
But fate showed some mercy
He missed my heart
By just a couple of inches

My knee is scraped
So I limp more than walk
Yet I'd rather limp and move ahead
Than stay still till I'm proclaimed dead
I feel the pain creep all over
But I won't let it to over power my will
I got to bear the pain
And drag on till I've crossed the line
For my destiny's in sight
And that's just beyond that horizon

There my love waits for me
In the bosom of my motherland
I've given her my word
And I dare not break
So if at all I meet death
I wish it's in her arms
For I refuse to die on an alien land
Every step seems like a mile
And every minute's spent in unbearable pain

Slowly the sun hides behind the hills
Unable to see me struggle with death
Fortunately, I see the north star far away
Looks like it's been sent by my love
Just to show me the way
I feel rejuvenated as I see the light
For it reminds me of her eyes
That twinkled in glee when we first got to meet
Through pitch darkness I drag myself ahead
And moved on towards my destiny
With nothing but just faith

Suddenly, I wake up to see that it's dawn
I must have fallen into deep slumber
While I stopped to catch my breath
Now I see a long stretch of barbwire
Just a few yards away
My lips recollect a long lost expression
I smile at the sky and thank my almighty
Now I pull myself across the fence
And kiss the soil as I trip and fall

The joy within me is brimming in my eyes
But the reality is that a warrior never cries
So I control myself with all my might
I've reached my motherland
But my journey doesn't end
I still have to meet my love
Who's waiting for me with bated breath
I've made it this far
I've got to move on


baby said...

Here comes another piece from deep within, a direct hit on one's heart and mind, so touching, poignant and a beauty as always. U rock Charlie.

GOd bless.

A Poetess said... anoder sequel to "Clinging onto Hope" and "Parting Ways"...Looks like u r determined to weave a story here..I like the theme that u r one ample opportunity to weave as long a story as one wants...
Personally,I love the last para...lovely words and better emotions....keep it up charlie or as u wud say "Keep the good ones rollin"


sashu said...

reeli a touching write... beautiful..ever so much! nice one charlie..

Anonymous said...

hey bro,

keep up the faith, someday we all will be there where we want to go.......
Very strong!!!!

Megna.m said...

very touching.....for some reason, reminded me of veer zara....beautiful piece ammie :)


Anonymous said...

tats soo beautiful...i mean u bein complimented for ur rhymes...oops i mean 'Scribbles' is no new thing, but i Particularly loved the way uve placed the poem...tats soo different

great goin...keep the words flowing!!!

hope to see u touching on some new themes soon

Chinmaya said...

just left me speechless..a fantastic narration of a theme tats so touchy..gr8 work n all d best as always charlie..

megha said...

loved it :)!!

megha said...

very interesting ..
loved it :)!!

INDR's Angels said...

u r a genius man,.
keep it up

Anonymous said...

It's an passionate and poignant little piece that speaks of the simple human emotions and strong desires that lie beneath them!
Thanks, Scribbler for a truly lovely reading experience!


sridari said...

dude u rock!!

Anonymous said...


zonk said...

iloved this piece...of course u had directed me towards 9/11 but i took the liberty of going through the rest of ur work . this one is awesome!! wt a narrative!