Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I got to move on
I won't ever say die
I have to live
And I'm determined that I'll survive
I'm deeply wounded
And sorely I bleed
But this rage in me
Would never ever heed
Until I've reached the other side

It all began when my plane got hit
And it immediately dived 'n' accepted defeat
It's just a machine that served its objective
But its man has a greater mission to accomplish
Though I survived the crash
I got shot by the ruthless enemy
His aim was good
But fate showed some mercy
He missed my heart
By just a couple of inches

My knee is scraped
So I limp more than walk
Yet I'd rather limp and move ahead
Than stay still till I'm proclaimed dead
I feel the pain creep all over
But I won't let it to over power my will
I got to bear the pain
And drag on till I've crossed the line
For my destiny's in sight
And that's just beyond that horizon

There my love waits for me
In the bosom of my motherland
I've given her my word
And I dare not break
So if at all I meet death
I wish it's in her arms
For I refuse to die on an alien land
Every step seems like a mile
And every minute's spent in unbearable pain

Slowly the sun hides behind the hills
Unable to see me struggle with death
Fortunately, I see the north star far away
Looks like it's been sent by my love
Just to show me the way
I feel rejuvenated as I see the light
For it reminds me of her eyes
That twinkled in glee when we first got to meet
Through pitch darkness I drag myself ahead
And moved on towards my destiny
With nothing but just faith

Suddenly, I wake up to see that it's dawn
I must have fallen into deep slumber
While I stopped to catch my breath
Now I see a long stretch of barbwire
Just a few yards away
My lips recollect a long lost expression
I smile at the sky and thank my almighty
Now I pull myself across the fence
And kiss the soil as I trip and fall

The joy within me is brimming in my eyes
But the reality is that a warrior never cries
So I control myself with all my might
I've reached my motherland
But my journey doesn't end
I still have to meet my love
Who's waiting for me with bated breath
I've made it this far
I've got to move on

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Parting ways

Together they sat all cuddled up before the fireplace
The silence was quite deafening
As all that one could hear was the burning of wood in the furnace
Outside the snow flakes were descending from heavens above
The moon had covered itself with a thick blanket of clouds
It was her birthday but she wasn’t that overjoyed
All her excitement had turned into despair
For the thought of missing him haunted her mind
Cos he’d be battling for the nation few days from today
And it was the last night they’d ever get to meet
As he had to return to the Air base the very next day
The moment he remembered it he hugged her tight
Looked straight into her eyes and kissed her forehead
Tears rolled down her eyes and triggered an avalanche
And this buried her soul in debris of her broken heart
But she had to bear the pain as he wasn’t just her hero
He was the nation’s hero who had to save another day
Now they had to part ways as the dawn came near
And this was the first time ever
They never wanted to see the day break
They wished the night should remain the same
Without ever getting to see the sun’s blinding rays
Now all he had to spare were a few words of comfort
And a promise that he would return one day
With freedom for his motherland and love for his lass
Until then, he said to her by whispering into her ears
Look up to the skies whenever I flash before your eyes
Blow a gentle kiss and whisper your message
The winds will carry it to me wherever I might be
And before I leave I give you my word
That one day be it dusk or dawn I’ll surely return
Even if I have to cheat death and fight with fate
And I’ll carry you away to a land far away

Where we’ll grow old together and end in the grave the same day

Monday, April 02, 2007


Underneath the old willow tree
She was on her knees beside her other half

Crying bitterly with a remorseful heart

She knelt before his grave in despair

With her head bowed down like a withered rose

She had lost her strength after crying all day

Moments they’d spent together flashed before her eyes

Though her vision was blurred because of those incessant tears

It seemed as though they’d just met yesterday

But today he’d left without even a promise that he’ll return one day

For the game what fate plays none can explain

Now everyone at the funeral tried hard but couldn’t console

Just then even nature couldn’t hold back its grief

It opened up the skies and showered the rain

Slowly one after the other everyone began to leave

Leaving her lonely beside her love who had also left her in vain

After a few moments her friend retuned for her

And saw her still without moving an inch from there

She put the hand on her shoulder to wake her up from there

But she fell on his tomb like a rose on the grave

Now none can ever tear them apart

As they’re once again together from this very day