Tuesday, March 06, 2007


She brought the spring along as she stepped into this world
Her first giggle opened up the skies
And ushered the sweet summer rain
All she knew was to spread cheer everywhere
For she traded happiness for all those bitter tears
If you ever get to meet her
You might just forget all your grief
That’s been a resident of your mind
And made your heart really heavy
Cos every time I was down she lifted me up with a smile
Every moment my mind was a blank canvas
She painted it with vivid colours
Whenever I wanted to express about her
She made me google for words
For there isn’t enough words to reflect what’s in me for her
Though this Scribble tries to capture some
This is nothing but just a sequel
To many more Scribbles that are yet to come


alex said...


A sequel it is. :)

Anonymous said...

"Her first giggle opened up the skies
And ushered the sweet summer rain"

waow! i can imagine myself out in an open green field looking up at a grey sky awaiting the rain to kiss my cheeks :)

it was that vivid in my mind...the entire poem that is :)

Great stuff Ammie :)


Anonymous said...

Hey by jove this seems a good track.:-)I wonder how u speak for my mind?


Anonymous said...

Nice :)... so who is the lucky girl?? ;)

sashu said...

nice one! liked it charlie! :)

Anonymous said...

I hav become ur fan for vatsoever u write.....nice really nice

invisible reflections said...

hey charlieeeeee e u knw what .. it looks like u just had a baby girl .. dn laugh bt dats wht came to my mind while reading this one.. bt loved the thoughts honestly..

shru_cool said...

it's great! it was a refreshin read.... keep writin :)

INDR's Angels said...

excellent .. wordsworth !

Tapas Mohanty said...

great yaar! u really r a poet of high class.

benaifer said...

How do u repeat this play of words again, and again and yet again...simply fab

Deja Vu said...

i am not sure abt this one. it seems like you are talking abt a grl. but to me it seems like a father talking abt his little child. but yes there are people like that i will agree. for me if i had known her since birth it would nicely fit the poem. sigh.