Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Everyday Heroes

You meet them in some moments of your life
They live not for themselves but to brighten others lives
To reach the sky isn’t always their aim in life
But they serve as ladders to those who wish to soar really high
They don’t mind being trampled
While helping others ascend the stars
And they’d go just any distance
To see them go that extra mile
They’re always amongst us
To share our grief and make us smile
And their life isn’t filled with qualms or painful cries
Even if it they suffer they dare not to show their tears
Sporting a never fading smile
They always keep their world alive
You see them in your mother, father or brother
Or, a fire fighter, a soldier at the border or a perfect stranger
Wherever they are they silently complete their task
Their mission that needs to be accomplished
Their purpose for what they have survived
They are the everyday heroes who are born to touch our lives


Anonymous said...

Right...Heroes are very rare to be found and acknowledged but if they are then this is exactly how one would feel about them.

Sacrifice without any self interest means a lot and it is not a small word of wisdom but a great strength of glory. Hope people understand this charlie?


Anonymous said...

wow... this is beautiful... brought tears to my eyes, 'coz I've been lucky to have a friend who fits this scribble to a t... she's my hero...

invisible reflections said...

cool ya.. i think it has an undercurrent of idealism.. i dunno i think so . but loved the scribble... amazizng....

Deja Vu said...

hmm maybe some lines contradict my experiences or maybe this is too impersonal for me. but i wnt say anything abt this one.