Monday, March 12, 2007

Confessions of a lost soul

Cornered by my misery
I sat alone waiting for death to strike
Just about to make a very daring move
When cold drops of sweat rushed down my brow

My eyes were clouded with bitter tears
One hand gripped the arm of a chair
While the other held a gun
With a finger on its trigger

It was loaded with a single bullet
Cos’ I didn’t know if I really deserved to die
Neither had a clue if it’s going to strike
At the right time and take away my life

I gave my life three chances
So that the possibilities are less for me to survive
I wasn’t a coward by any chance for sure
For you need the will of a warrior to go beyond that door

I pulled the trigger for the first time
With my eyes closed real tight
But I lived to hear the click
Which disappointed my very first try

Without pausing any longer
I pulled the trigger again
Once again I missed the bullet
And looked towards the ceiling in vain

I consoled myself, as there’s one more to go
This will surely be my end
That’s when I tried my luck the last time
And realized that I’ve been cheated by death again

Though my mind was willing my body’s weak
Just like every human whose heart is bleak
Slowly I saw the world around go blur
My heart began to beat heavily and felt the burn

I gasped for breath and incessantly coughed
Only to feel my heart come to a dead halt
At last my grief had taken its toll
I saved a bullet but lost my life

Finally, the bullet was left behind
To tell the story of the merciless fate
That raced the speeding bullet
And embraced the deceitful death


A Poetess said...

after a long tym,a scribble tht ds just justice to u charlie or shud i say itz the oder way round

the previous ones had got a lil monotonous and off-the track

now this ones good:)

INDR's Angels said...

awesome mann.
such poignacy , i admire the way you brought alive the
miseries that fall when evenb death fails to hold u...

Anonymous said...

Awesome...just awesome...
Feels like I'm there, watching it happen and realization's dawning over me too.
Your stuff just keeps getting better and better...


invisible reflections said...

hmmmm okay i think.. nt very impressive hv bin better

Anonymous said...

True Charlie,
I remember my time and the event very well..
Believe Me.......

Anonymous said...

hey ammie!

it most certainly is sumthin diff frm ur usual but i liked was very clear n made me feel like i was there (in ur position). the vivid description was great.

jus a Q....what made u write such a topic? nothing like ur other scribbles....just curious thats all :) seems more like my genre hehe.

great stuff tho...seemed more like a poem than a scribble :)


hir said...

Heartfelt and touching, you have caught up with an issue a whole lot of people might be wishing to go with once atleaswt in their lives.

Anyway keep up with the great work, i love it.

God bless.

Deja Vu said...

i will like to say sumtin not quite to the point of the poem but still. it dosent take courage to kill yourself it takes courage to go on living. ppl might say tht this is jus a saying but it is more fact than fiction. and if you deserve to die you will s u hav put here. bravo.

Anonymous said...

Can death be romantic? Painful? Ironic? Bittersweet?

You make it all that and much, much more.