Tuesday, March 20, 2007


She sat on the rooftop waiting all alone
Gazing skywards counting the shooting stars
Making a wish every time a star passed by
And hoping that everything’s going to be just fine
She would close her eyes like a shutterbug
Whenever a star took a nosedive
As though she is saving them from their final flight
Capturing last glimpses of the journey of no return
She kept on looking with those wide-open eyes
As a kid she never failed to admit
That they were diamonds, which shined gloriously all night
Now she’s waiting for her man who would return from the war
With a diamond ring under the same star studded sky
But she also knows that life isn’t a fairy tale for sure
Where a prince charming will sweep her off her feet
Yet she spends her lonely nights waiting like a bride to be
For moments that have turned into decades over the years
With nothing more than hope brimming in her heart
She keeps wishing that he would come back alive
Suddenly she could feel a cold hand over her grey head
And she looked back with a smile but only to be surprised
It was none other than her caretaker from the asylum where she stayed


Anonymous said...

Veronica wants to die...Beautiful bro u can bring a tear in my eye..

Anonymous said...

hmm.... dat was a surprise ending.... maybe there is no such thing as prince charming n true love... we're all living in this asylum wid that illusion.... atleast dats wat life's taught me...

Megna.m said...

Oh wow! o_o the last line just blew me away....its a sad realisation n u captured it reli well :)

great turn in the end....

awesome scribble :)


sashu said...

hey charlie..diz seemed like a story bein unfolded befor mah eyes! lovely..i cud visualise everything u hvmentioned n much more! lovely!

Pooja said...

Very, very touching. This should be a short story.

Pensativo said...

complex thoughts expressed in such a lucid manner [:)]..
great work ..loved your posts :).

Pensativo said...

Complex feelings expressed in such simple language..great work..
Loved you posts :).

INDR's Angels said...

i salute ur penmanship .wow, Touched i am (with a capital T)
no more comments as it would sound cliched.

A Poetess said...

I ABSOLUTELY love this one...pls dnt call this 1 a scribble...at least a thought????

cheerios charlie..keep the gd 1s rolling

Deja Vu said...

ppl might say tht she needs to stay in an asylum but i say she doesnt belong there. its a promise sealed with the power of love tht she is keeping. greater than all sense and logic. i think i might have ended up like tht lolz. well. i believe shes gonna meet her man once again. if not in this world then somewhere else.

vidushi said...

I like the wistfulness of your writing and the fact that I can usually relate and empathize with someone's reality there :)

sridari said...

u have a talent in both ends... the mushy mushy romantic ones nd also ones with a theme in it!
u r a great poet of this age hidden...
may b u cud write some more and release them out as a book.. i really mean it.. it wud b 1 of the best selling ones :)

prritiy---------sneh said...

thats touching, u know how to touch the deep inside-----the soul