Tuesday, March 20, 2007


More than a million songs you might have heard
All about love and being loved
Heartbreaks and memories that can never be erased
Everything sounds very much the same
And every word is repeated again and again
It seems as though there are templates to convey your love
Though you’ve heard it for the first time
You feel that you’ve already heard it before
Even if the feeling’s the same since Stone Age
I’m sure there are a zillion other ways to express
And every time you tell your love to someone
It doesn’t necessarily be with those three little words
For your love is best said
When you don’t even utter a single word
As your eyes will surely give it away
It'll shout out loud by sending echoes all the way


She sat on the rooftop waiting all alone
Gazing skywards counting the shooting stars
Making a wish every time a star passed by
And hoping that everything’s going to be just fine
She would close her eyes like a shutterbug
Whenever a star took a nosedive
As though she is saving them from their final flight
Capturing last glimpses of the journey of no return
She kept on looking with those wide-open eyes
As a kid she never failed to admit
That they were diamonds, which shined gloriously all night
Now she’s waiting for her man who would return from the war
With a diamond ring under the same star studded sky
But she also knows that life isn’t a fairy tale for sure
Where a prince charming will sweep her off her feet
Yet she spends her lonely nights waiting like a bride to be
For moments that have turned into decades over the years
With nothing more than hope brimming in her heart
She keeps wishing that he would come back alive
Suddenly she could feel a cold hand over her grey head
And she looked back with a smile but only to be surprised
It was none other than her caretaker from the asylum where she stayed

Saturday, March 17, 2007


There's a picture in my mind of an angel divine
I dont think if I've ever seen her in my lifetime
Unless its my dream where she visits every night
Through words she painted her portrait in my mind
No Picasso or Da Vinci can even try to compete
A million colors,shades and hues she used to paint it
And she put the vibrant rainbow to shame
Her tresses have the darkest shade of dusk
Her lips are as red as the crimson horizon during sunset
Eyes that make the glittering stars shy away
And her smile will make the brightest sunbeam run for shade
I've no regrets even if I die without ever getting to see her
For her picture in my mind will never ever fade

Monday, March 12, 2007

Confessions of a lost soul

Cornered by my misery
I sat alone waiting for death to strike
Just about to make a very daring move
When cold drops of sweat rushed down my brow

My eyes were clouded with bitter tears
One hand gripped the arm of a chair
While the other held a gun
With a finger on its trigger

It was loaded with a single bullet
Cos’ I didn’t know if I really deserved to die
Neither had a clue if it’s going to strike
At the right time and take away my life

I gave my life three chances
So that the possibilities are less for me to survive
I wasn’t a coward by any chance for sure
For you need the will of a warrior to go beyond that door

I pulled the trigger for the first time
With my eyes closed real tight
But I lived to hear the click
Which disappointed my very first try

Without pausing any longer
I pulled the trigger again
Once again I missed the bullet
And looked towards the ceiling in vain

I consoled myself, as there’s one more to go
This will surely be my end
That’s when I tried my luck the last time
And realized that I’ve been cheated by death again

Though my mind was willing my body’s weak
Just like every human whose heart is bleak
Slowly I saw the world around go blur
My heart began to beat heavily and felt the burn

I gasped for breath and incessantly coughed
Only to feel my heart come to a dead halt
At last my grief had taken its toll
I saved a bullet but lost my life

Finally, the bullet was left behind
To tell the story of the merciless fate
That raced the speeding bullet
And embraced the deceitful death

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


She brought the spring along as she stepped into this world
Her first giggle opened up the skies
And ushered the sweet summer rain
All she knew was to spread cheer everywhere
For she traded happiness for all those bitter tears
If you ever get to meet her
You might just forget all your grief
That’s been a resident of your mind
And made your heart really heavy
Cos every time I was down she lifted me up with a smile
Every moment my mind was a blank canvas
She painted it with vivid colours
Whenever I wanted to express about her
She made me google for words
For there isn’t enough words to reflect what’s in me for her
Though this Scribble tries to capture some
This is nothing but just a sequel
To many more Scribbles that are yet to come

Everyday Heroes

You meet them in some moments of your life
They live not for themselves but to brighten others lives
To reach the sky isn’t always their aim in life
But they serve as ladders to those who wish to soar really high
They don’t mind being trampled
While helping others ascend the stars
And they’d go just any distance
To see them go that extra mile
They’re always amongst us
To share our grief and make us smile
And their life isn’t filled with qualms or painful cries
Even if it they suffer they dare not to show their tears
Sporting a never fading smile
They always keep their world alive
You see them in your mother, father or brother
Or, a fire fighter, a soldier at the border or a perfect stranger
Wherever they are they silently complete their task
Their mission that needs to be accomplished
Their purpose for what they have survived
They are the everyday heroes who are born to touch our lives