Sunday, February 11, 2007

Where does the search end?

Thorns can’t stop the rose from withering

Nor can you stop yourself from falling in love

Love can’t be found even on a bright sunny day

For love will only find you

Even if it’s a place which the sun has least known

It’s like the waves of the sea under the full moon sky

They never cease to caress the shores

But nothing is as refreshing as the first wave that hit you before

Some drag you into the deep and they’ll never leave

It’ll become your ill fated destiny for eternity

Though not everyone who’s in love has seen the day of doom

It’s their heart that’s as fragile as a rose, which’s yet to bloom

And once they bloom they either make it

in between the pages of a book called life

By leaving an impression that’ll remain forever

Or, simply end up on a grave


Anonymous said...

you caught the very essence of love quite well, the good and the bad parts of it, it doesn't matter what experiences that you have, something from that experience sticks with you and changes your perspective on things, you learn a lot from each experience and you turn out to be a better person because of it...

Rupali said...

dis was just wondaful!!Although I dont agree wid the was very nicely presented!!!

Anonymous said...


Well written and meaningful.

sasha said...

a good one..makes u ponder.. :)

meggie said...

very deep....loved the last paragraph....full of sorrow and bitter love


Socorrina said...

..its so veri true... luv can heal as well as kill..nice one....

Deja Vu said...

yeh you might say that. but can you really define love ever??? do you even dare try??? but still love is wonderful.