Thursday, February 22, 2007


Her voice still echoes in my mind
Even though I heard it for the first time
She started the conversation with a simple ‘hello’
It sounded like a medley
That's sweet and mellow
Words were set to a mystic tune
A magical spell from which I'm yet to revive
Though it was a conversation
I heard more and very less was said
It lasted
only for a few minutes
But it took me hours to snap back
I still wonder if she ever spoke
For all that I heard was her angelic voice
That gave way to lyres and chimes in the background
She hails from a far away land
A paradise that's across the seas
One day for sure I hope we’ll meet
And I wish that this doesn't repeat
As I don't want to spend that moment
By being cast under a spell


Anonymous said...

wow charlie,
you make it roll simply and adorably well..

Anonymous said...

was it that big of an impact? ;) hehe....absolutely beautiful :)

thank you ammieeeeeee!!!!!


a writer said...

this poem reminds me of the first time i looked at this guy and i had to catch my breath, it was the first time that i really saw him as someone i could fall for, he remained a good friend untilthe day i moved away ....

The Eternal Poetess said...

hey nice 1 charlie:)
happens to all of us once in a while
isnt it???

Anonymous said...

Your words are magical..

sashu said...

now this is sumthin i'd read n read n read n .... u know wat i mean! a great heartfelt..n romantic in its own sense! loved it charlie!

Deja Vu said...

i kno i kno.



My World said...

Music! Beautiful!