Sunday, February 11, 2007

Conversations in Silence

Staying apart doesn’t mean we’re far away

We live very close to each other through our thoughts everyday

When we meet those moments are lost in complete silence

Our conversations are nothing more than exchange of glances

As it’s not just words that say everything indeed

There’s more to it when it’s said through the deafening silence

And if only words could explain all that we want to say

Maybe, we would never regret even if we were to be born blind in a way

For true understanding arises not by talking all night and day

But when a lot is said even if no words are spared

Cos’ it’s the eyes that express your love in a million ways

Yet it has no dictionary or thesaurus

to decipher its true meaning in any way

Unless it’s the one who loves you with all their mind and soul

Every expression is understood without a single flaw

And if I die you can still meet me at my grave

Then however near, the distance between us would be far

I won’t have any glances or words to spare

But still we can converse in silence

Until we meet again on the other side


joshua said...

very deep and meaningful. really gives a myriad of meanings. well done !

Anonymous said...


meggie said...

dito to the expression expressed in the above was just ... WOW! O_O

Anonymous said...

that was beautiful.... love is not mere words... its so much more... could relate to what u wrote... keep scribbling! :)

vidushi said...

You can write!

Just a thought though.. it takes courage and wisdom to appreciate and build silence within a relationship.Most of us hold onto the comfort words give as and are panicked by the ambiguity of quiet.

Made me thoughtful :)

smriti said...

this is d bestest poem i hv ever great poets frm Shakespeare to Eliot can match d way emotions hv bn expressed in this one...i still read it at least twice a week...this is just muuuaaahhhh!!! :)

Ivory Maiden said...

No wonder, You're actually Wordsworth...

lavanya snigdha said...

known to everyone, practised by none....