Sunday, February 25, 2007


The cause for all misery
It turns the meek into a beast
A hidden enemy within yourself
You never know when it's unleashed
Just when the mind has lost its control
It makes the wise look like a fool
When it's the resident of your soul
There's no room for wisdom anymore
Sometimes it lives for a moment
And sometimes it lasts a lifetime
Dominating you completely from head to toe
It slowly eats you alive making the world a foe
An eye for an eye is its motto
Hence, it blindly wages a war on any soul
Though the battle is not about who's right
But who's left or rather who survives
Feeding on explicit verbal wars
It quenches its thirst on innocent blood
Finally, it makes you a prisoner of the past
And leaves you disgusted with a life full of regrets


Anonymous said...

So true...wen u're angry u just let words fly... n wats left at de end?? nuthin... expect a life of regrets n a trail of broken hearts... :(

Anonymous said...

forgot to mention... de part dat really stood out to me personally was "prisoner of the past"... so very true....

INDR's Angels said...

gr8 man...

INDR's Angels said...

it's wonderfully written

Anonymous said...

where DO u find the words to rhyme?

was jus a whole.

Great stuff


writer said...

i can relate, anger can be all-consuming, ur in that moment of anger, frustation and solitude in your problem, even when you're fighting, it seems like you against the world, the bright light, the silver lining, seems far away,

i noticed the change in mood of your poem, the intenseness, the ferocity of the language, rather than being inspiring, it makes you stop and think about yourself and your situation...

Anonymous said...

very true charlie,

the reason for being a prisioner of the past is only because of the situations which was repeated in this ill fated life so the reaction to this the immediate emotion is anger emitting out not for any reason but a point to be felt and to be understood thus feeling disgusted with a feeling of regret and ending with a bleeding heart.

well done!!

Anonymous said...

anger is a feeling that i know too well, just came down from a rush of anger, frustration and dread,

died down, finally, can't think straight when i'm mad,

in some ways, we all are "prisoners of the past" and we may not even know it.... some experience, some person mayhave affected us so much, gave so much impact in our lives, we may not even realize it....

invisible reflections said...

wow.. had anger been a persn.. he would hav efelt like a naked man infront of u ..totally bare.. exposed!!actually he would be very free n comfortable arnd u coz u seem to knw him so well

Archana said...

Cliches enchain

sashu said...

nice write..anger n its fury xpressed in a reeli true way! liked it scribbler pal!

Deja Vu said...

maybe you can free yourself from that prison if you go apologise to tht person. we r human we will get angry always.