Thursday, January 11, 2007


Give me a star to wish upon
For the stars I've already wished on
have fallen and gone
There's no way I want to wish again
And make those twinklers fade away
I want a star which would forever stay
And keep an eye on my Angel
No matter which distant land she stays
Watch her during the night
and even during day
Because she's too tender and delicate
like a daffodil I'd say
She sways to the caressing breeze
and gentle refreshing waves
And listens to the bees humm song as they pass her way
Dancing to the rhythm of rain drops
Sometimes, basking in the sun's glorious rays
And never ever bothered about
what tomorrow brings her way
So, bring me news about her
every single day
And tell me if she slept well
or if she was wide awake
Thinking of this lone soul
that's waiting for her till date
Cos one day if she needs me,
I might just not be there
For I would have been gone to a land of no return
where there's only dusk and no clue of dawn anywhere


megna said...

Oh waoh! sure makes one think about it....very nicely "said".....makes me think of all the "what if's"....very thought provoking :)

great stuff :)

Anonymous said...

charlie u take my breath away.........being following bro..
i simply like ur works dude.

christopher p joseph

Socorrina said...

Good one!!!
Hope u continue penning Gr8 scribbles.......
All the best to u!!!

The Eternal Poetess said...

when im gone eh??
it wud b interesting to know wt each one of us wud like to do after we are gone...rather wot we wud like to be done to the ppl we care abt....truly n deeply..

sitting among the eskimos said...

best among all the rest;)

Aditi said...

wow.. ur gf's goin to b really lucky!!

smriti said...


Anonymous said...

so contrasting to mine.. :))

shows hw much lov u put in yur wish :)

i lv this one :)