Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Homeless in their home land
They wander like aliens on a foreign land
Living a life in complete despair
They live untouched and without a single soul to care
They're seen as strangers by their own brothers
And driven out into a neighboring land
that's across frontiers and deep blue waters
With pain and remorse brimming in those eyes
they leave with a heavy heart accompanied by cries

Sailing through rough tides and thunder storms
They set their foot on their neighbour's shore
Welcomed into the neighbourhood
As refugees and not as neighbours for sure
They're given shelter under refugee camps,
where they've finally found a place to lay their heads
Yet the ghosts from the past drag them back home
But rubble and debris is all what they own

Some stayed back to bring justice to all
And restore their empire that has seen the downfall
Terrorists' is what they're known as world over
But they call themselves as the liberation warriors
Freedom is for what they've always fought
Freedom's what some even bit the dust for
They've made it their only survival thought
Fighting all odds to bring peace to the land

Now all that's left is an unfailing hope
That once a land of green will again turn serene
Untill then their lives will have to cope
For a day will surely dawn and those lost moments will return
When the reign of peace and justice would have just begun


Anonymous said...

hey...just read ur new scribbles...its amazing... love "If"... and I absolutely loved the one titled refugees... i cud just picture a war torn land... so in keeping with the times we are in now... lets hope the refugee's dream comes true and peace reigns once again in the world... keep the scribbles coming... :)

Socorrina said...

Hey i absolutely condemn terrorism !

Anonymous said...

Amazing as usual dude....
Though i cannot agree with the stanza.
I guess different people different views.

Rock ON!!!

The Godfather.

Aditi said...

its as if you can feel their pain! u r wonders man wen it cums to scribbling!!

meggie said...

makes ppl feel like they hav no1 to turn to, the worst feeling, but...there r some who care :)

great piece of work ammie :)