Thursday, January 25, 2007


The flowers bloom for the bees
To show that love spans beyond frontiers

The rain falls for the trees
Revealing its unceasing love through a passionate wet kiss

Thea dew kisses the lawn every morn
To keep it evergreen and serene

The rainbow adorns the sky after every rain
Just to assure you that the past won't repeat again

The rooster crows without fail at dawn
To kick start the day of the ever glowing sun

The ants march on no matter what season
They tell the world that you got to simply move on

The unreachable destiny is the horizon
That tells there's no end to the journey you've begun

The wide open sky tells it doesn't matter who you are
For you're nothing but a speck in this universe after all

The moon shows up amidst the clouds after dusk
Just to keep you away from those lonesome, dark nights

The rise and fall of the tides speak of persistence
That tells you to hold on and never say die

And the reason for this Scribbler to be alive
is just to see his Angel forever smile


Anonymous said...

Alright well Substance revealed and motivated...
Rolling s in full speed...
Good Show!!!
Christopher P Joseph

meggie said...

full of passionate words to describe exactly that...the passion of why and reasons for why everything happens.
great use of words :)

Anonymous said...

d world is lot rude
luv in hearts is crude
tears want 2 flow
& shout abt blow
complainin 2 god 4 such life
its abt walkin double edged knife
heard voice not far behind
SCRIBBLER's blog ans 2 troubled

u r 2 gud as a person & poet

Anonymous said...

It was lovely!
It makes you appreciate how the simple things in the world have great meaning and are sent down by God just to make our life more significant...
You've got a real knack of capturing the beauty in these little things!

Deja Vu said...

And the reason for me to be alive
is just to see my earth Angel forever smile

where ever she is.

lolz. gives you purpose in life dosent it?