Sunday, January 21, 2007


You're never alone if you ever thought that you were
They're always amongst us like the silent winds
Walking along, rubbing shoulders in crowded streets
Traveling with us though their destiny's elsewhere
Sitting beside and exchanging glances yet they never stare
Sometimes sitting still and at times hiding behind a book
They keep an eye on you and even if you don't look
But few seem they're lost in a world of their own
For they're the best pretenders you've ever known
Some are too silent so that they don't miss out on anything
Their ears are wide open for every word you've been uttering
That's passing by them though it's meant for someone else
Few call it eaves dropping yet that's not what they intend to do
They lend their ears to unheard voices
Voices that die as they're mumbled to themselves
Or those that silently plead to the unseen host
For they're the messengers who been sent from up above
To carry your payers on their way back home
They're the angels amongst us
In the words of the Scribbler, they are the listeners


Anonymous said...

Mind Boggling:)

Anonymous said...


The Eternal Poetess said... 1 word.

in many........
its the faith that we have, that sometime is rejuvenated in our heart..that we may think we are alone,yet quite not so..the person you may have looked at in a passing glance in the teeming crowd may in the future mean the world to you, in that stranger's eyes you may find friendship,sympathy,empathy understanding,love et all even if for a passing moment!!

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful! It makes you value the presence of people around you and let's you know that there's someone who's uttered a word of prayer to heal your unspoken problems...
Keep up the good work!

meggie said...

hey ammie :P well i guess as Meenakshi mentioned above, it makes us value that there r ppl around us and that we aint alone even if we feel it :)

great work :)

invisible reflections said...

hmmmmm... very nice i must say.flows right thru u

sasha said...

first time i hv been forced to tink of "listeners" in thiz new context..amazin write..loved it!