Saturday, January 13, 2007


If tears could only heal the pain
The world would have probably sank in vain

If worrying would find your problem the right solution
Then everyone would have been immersed in plain tension

If prayers could fulfill all your needs
No one would have made an effort, indeed

If the world remained the same everyday
Then mankind would have never known what's tomorrow or yesterday

If life was just about moments of happiness and cheer
A smile might go unnoticed over the years

If bloodshed could settle all the disputes in between
Only blood would be flowing in every river and even drain

If at all I had regretted falling in love
Maybe, you wouldn't have seen this Scribbler till now

If you just thought what you read were nothing but cliches
Well, it's time to move on. Just turn the page


megna said...

if only the smaller things in life were noticed, then there would be more appreciation :)

great scribble :)

mahima said...

excellent poetry.. simply fab!!!

Anonymous said...

like the poem, flows very well

Anonymous said...

nice poem, flows very well

Anonymous said...

Hey charlie,

It seems that my thoughts and them desires of expressions are being bestowed upon by you.

Love u
cheers brother!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

if good times were to follow the bad,
the next comment will make you glad !!

bravo !! awesome indeed ..

Anonymous said...

If good times were to follow the bad,
then the next comment will make u glad !!

Bravo .. awesome !! that was good ..
keep it up brother - the scribbler ..

sashu said...

awesum read buddy..keep goin! kudos to ya!

invisible refection said...

i think u r a thinker...
ur work is wonderful
its food for thought..

Anonymous said...

I dint quite like the way it ends.. But then again, great thought.

Anonymous said...

IF we were to get everythng.. maybe we would never desire..!!

This IF is such a BIG word..

Beautiful post.. indeed!!