Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Bitter than truth is its every drop
And it stings harder than the most deceitful thought
Sour than the forbidden grapes of wrath
Yet it makes everyone feel mightier from inside
Turns the most meek into a vicious beast
The demon that lurks inside is at last unleashed
Your imagination is now a nomad who'll never return
And you see the world in a different light like a new born
It's the mankind's deadliest curse, which is in disguise
A placebo for sure but not a cure for any sore
Many find solace in its wide-open arms
Those who rest on its shoulders hardly return
Like a ship that's set out on an ill-fated voyage
The ones who indulge deeply will only drown
The only companion for the heart broken
And one of the causes for misfortune
Though it's sheer addiction
It's nothing but the invincible death in a bottle
That's waiting for you to open its crown


Anonymous said...

Roll Baby Roll
Charlie Bro U R The Best..
This Is The Best Among The Best...
Christopher P Joseph

meggie said...

duno what it is but i found it very impressive...seems a bit diff to all ur other ones but cant put my finger on what it is :)

nicely done ammie

Y's Man said...

Cheers Bravo .. pretty impressive work done by you .. question ... where the pic .. for the 'death in a bottle' ... ???

Socorrina said...

"Impressive" is the word to describe the scribbler...keep scriblin....

Roshan said...

Nice description of the liquid in the bottle.. once in it transforms u into a viscious beast.

u mentioned all the aspects in a neat poetic way..beautiful. cheers pal

Anonymous said...

another impressive work of art, amazing how can you write about 2 extremes, deep despair to utterly inspiring...

Matangi Mawley said...

gr8 post...!

sasha said...

"Bitter than truth is its every drop
And it stings harder than the most deceitful thought"

awesome...realy gr8!

Deja Vu said...

what if you drink when you are happy??? not when you are sad. and not let it take control of you. jus to celebrate a very special day??

smriti said...



Dolly Singh said...

A great write..more so as it supports a cause.
A meaningful write there,Charlie!