Thursday, January 04, 2007


She sat behind raised windows
Least bothered about the outside view
Where she was heading I never had a clue
But she had a frown which probably meant
she wasn't excited though she knew
All she was doing was gazing at her wrist
With another hand on her chin, she was lost in thought
Maybe, she's off to a far off place
Some place that's not close to her heart but far away
All I could do was spare a moment and pray
So that she might reach her destiny
which gave her sleepless nights and kept her awake
By then the signal turned green
The honks and the uproar of the engines began
It shattered the silence in between that lay
And both parted and embarked
on our respective journey in opposite ways


Megna.m said...

Thank you, for being inspired a little by me, in a way, to have written this. It truely is beautiful. The destination now seems more clearer for me to head for, guess a few words was all it took. :) Very picture-esk expressions with deep meanings that go beyond just the words :)

Anonymous said...

Wow... Good One Charlie.. Love to see more work's!!:>)

prianca said...

a sweet 1....

prianca said...

a sweet 1....

meha said...

simple but gr88888...
keep writing.. oops... keep scribbling

anuj_nsit said...

liked it..simple n well written!!

alex said...


I liked it a lot. Especially the 'she'.


Great work

PS I came here via the orkut community.

calmetoisis said...

Neat dude...the words set the scene.

sitting among the eskimos said...

the best part about all ur poems is the piece of art accompanying just adds to it...innovative i must say