Sunday, January 28, 2007


There's a world that comes alive as you close your eyes
A land that emerges during twilight and fades off at sunrise
Everyone gets to live a life they've wished for
And spend some moments with whomever they want to be
There's nothing you can't do over there
It's a place of possibilities, fears and dares
Where gravity has already seen defeat
There you're the master and you're the puppet
You make the rules and you end up breaking it
Your mind controls that world until it retires
And your heart is its slave, the victim of desire
You have ghosts visiting you from the past
And guests from the future that's vast
You make encounters with weird creatures and aliens
All of which you've never ever seen
But they'll all leave once the alarm goes off
And return when you've pushed the snooze button on
For they have no place to dwell where there's dawn


sashu said...

reeli gud a theme..n amazin flow f words :)

meggie said...

Damn! the alarm HAD to go off huh? hehe....beautifuly expressed and imagination brought to "life" :)

Great stuff Ammie :P

Anonymous said...

hey the snooze button was fantastic and real....

Charlie as usual ugh!!!:)

kiran said...

well i cant afford not to agree to that!! beautifully expressed i must say

Vikram said...

you're good. Damn, you're good.

Anonymous said...

Did it have to end so soon.. Good job Charlie..

Deja Vu said...

i will make my dreams reality or die trying. then i can sleep for ever and dream huh? well i see life as a win win situation that way.

but good man. lolz

Anonymous said...

beautifully expressed... tuk me on a ride to nowhere.. good work again..!!