Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Bitter than truth is its every drop
And it stings harder than the most deceitful thought
Sour than the forbidden grapes of wrath
Yet it makes everyone feel mightier from inside
Turns the most meek into a vicious beast
The demon that lurks inside is at last unleashed
Your imagination is now a nomad who'll never return
And you see the world in a different light like a new born
It's the mankind's deadliest curse, which is in disguise
A placebo for sure but not a cure for any sore
Many find solace in its wide-open arms
Those who rest on its shoulders hardly return
Like a ship that's set out on an ill-fated voyage
The ones who indulge deeply will only drown
The only companion for the heart broken
And one of the causes for misfortune
Though it's sheer addiction
It's nothing but the invincible death in a bottle
That's waiting for you to open its crown

Sunday, January 28, 2007


There's a world that comes alive as you close your eyes
A land that emerges during twilight and fades off at sunrise
Everyone gets to live a life they've wished for
And spend some moments with whomever they want to be
There's nothing you can't do over there
It's a place of possibilities, fears and dares
Where gravity has already seen defeat
There you're the master and you're the puppet
You make the rules and you end up breaking it
Your mind controls that world until it retires
And your heart is its slave, the victim of desire
You have ghosts visiting you from the past
And guests from the future that's vast
You make encounters with weird creatures and aliens
All of which you've never ever seen
But they'll all leave once the alarm goes off
And return when you've pushed the snooze button on
For they have no place to dwell where there's dawn

Thursday, January 25, 2007


The flowers bloom for the bees
To show that love spans beyond frontiers

The rain falls for the trees
Revealing its unceasing love through a passionate wet kiss

Thea dew kisses the lawn every morn
To keep it evergreen and serene

The rainbow adorns the sky after every rain
Just to assure you that the past won't repeat again

The rooster crows without fail at dawn
To kick start the day of the ever glowing sun

The ants march on no matter what season
They tell the world that you got to simply move on

The unreachable destiny is the horizon
That tells there's no end to the journey you've begun

The wide open sky tells it doesn't matter who you are
For you're nothing but a speck in this universe after all

The moon shows up amidst the clouds after dusk
Just to keep you away from those lonesome, dark nights

The rise and fall of the tides speak of persistence
That tells you to hold on and never say die

And the reason for this Scribbler to be alive
is just to see his Angel forever smile

Sunday, January 21, 2007


You're never alone if you ever thought that you were
They're always amongst us like the silent winds
Walking along, rubbing shoulders in crowded streets
Traveling with us though their destiny's elsewhere
Sitting beside and exchanging glances yet they never stare
Sometimes sitting still and at times hiding behind a book
They keep an eye on you and even if you don't look
But few seem they're lost in a world of their own
For they're the best pretenders you've ever known
Some are too silent so that they don't miss out on anything
Their ears are wide open for every word you've been uttering
That's passing by them though it's meant for someone else
Few call it eaves dropping yet that's not what they intend to do
They lend their ears to unheard voices
Voices that die as they're mumbled to themselves
Or those that silently plead to the unseen host
For they're the messengers who been sent from up above
To carry your payers on their way back home
They're the angels amongst us
In the words of the Scribbler, they are the listeners

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Homeless in their home land
They wander like aliens on a foreign land
Living a life in complete despair
They live untouched and without a single soul to care
They're seen as strangers by their own brothers
And driven out into a neighboring land
that's across frontiers and deep blue waters
With pain and remorse brimming in those eyes
they leave with a heavy heart accompanied by cries

Sailing through rough tides and thunder storms
They set their foot on their neighbour's shore
Welcomed into the neighbourhood
As refugees and not as neighbours for sure
They're given shelter under refugee camps,
where they've finally found a place to lay their heads
Yet the ghosts from the past drag them back home
But rubble and debris is all what they own

Some stayed back to bring justice to all
And restore their empire that has seen the downfall
Terrorists' is what they're known as world over
But they call themselves as the liberation warriors
Freedom is for what they've always fought
Freedom's what some even bit the dust for
They've made it their only survival thought
Fighting all odds to bring peace to the land

Now all that's left is an unfailing hope
That once a land of green will again turn serene
Untill then their lives will have to cope
For a day will surely dawn and those lost moments will return
When the reign of peace and justice would have just begun

Saturday, January 13, 2007


If tears could only heal the pain
The world would have probably sank in vain

If worrying would find your problem the right solution
Then everyone would have been immersed in plain tension

If prayers could fulfill all your needs
No one would have made an effort, indeed

If the world remained the same everyday
Then mankind would have never known what's tomorrow or yesterday

If life was just about moments of happiness and cheer
A smile might go unnoticed over the years

If bloodshed could settle all the disputes in between
Only blood would be flowing in every river and even drain

If at all I had regretted falling in love
Maybe, you wouldn't have seen this Scribbler till now

If you just thought what you read were nothing but cliches
Well, it's time to move on. Just turn the page

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Give me a star to wish upon
For the stars I've already wished on
have fallen and gone
There's no way I want to wish again
And make those twinklers fade away
I want a star which would forever stay
And keep an eye on my Angel
No matter which distant land she stays
Watch her during the night
and even during day
Because she's too tender and delicate
like a daffodil I'd say
She sways to the caressing breeze
and gentle refreshing waves
And listens to the bees humm song as they pass her way
Dancing to the rhythm of rain drops
Sometimes, basking in the sun's glorious rays
And never ever bothered about
what tomorrow brings her way
So, bring me news about her
every single day
And tell me if she slept well
or if she was wide awake
Thinking of this lone soul
that's waiting for her till date
Cos one day if she needs me,
I might just not be there
For I would have been gone to a land of no return
where there's only dusk and no clue of dawn anywhere

Saturday, January 06, 2007


People, people everywhere
and everyone's busy in their own way
No one's got the time to stand and gaze
Or, enjoy those simple, little things
that'll bring a smile on any face
Kids leaping over small puddles as though
they're crossing those seven deep seas which granny always told
Old men reliving those long gone golden days
by spending their time on park benches in talks and thoughts
Men, conversing on their hands-free device
like schizos talking to an unseen entity
Women, window shopping and aspiring
that one fine day it will all be theirs
Hawks gliding with wings spread wide
and taking their shadows on a stroll over skyscrapers
Dogs rolling over the lawn during dawn
and involved in never ending territorial wars
Travelling together and rubbing shoulders with each other
and yet they part like perfect strangers
The world's got a lot more than just this for everyone to see
But we tend to ignore it thinking that we're a lil too busy
At least, I'm glad that you've spared some time
and saw this world through the eyes of your newly found friend

Thursday, January 04, 2007


She sat behind raised windows
Least bothered about the outside view
Where she was heading I never had a clue
But she had a frown which probably meant
she wasn't excited though she knew
All she was doing was gazing at her wrist
With another hand on her chin, she was lost in thought
Maybe, she's off to a far off place
Some place that's not close to her heart but far away
All I could do was spare a moment and pray
So that she might reach her destiny
which gave her sleepless nights and kept her awake
By then the signal turned green
The honks and the uproar of the engines began
It shattered the silence in between that lay
And both parted and embarked
on our respective journey in opposite ways