Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winter Drift

On my way home from work, this morning,
Through those crooked lanes and winding roads,
Nothing was noticed cos everything seemed pale.
Deprived of sleep and a bed,
The world seemed to be in daze.

Dark clouds hovered over my head,
And waited for the right time to strike.
Reaching home all I could think of was a hot shower,
Followed by some coffee and bread, I broke my fast.
Not a single minute to spare for sleep or the headlines.

With helmet on and ear phones in place,
The RJ played the carol 'joy to the world',
I began the ride on my bike.
Though it was the Christmas season,
The song did set the mood and perfectly fit the situation.

Light drizzles welcomed me back on the trail,
The light drizzle turned heavy,
The cool breeze gave way to the cold winds.
The dark clouds clashed with each other,
And lo there was the icy cold rain.

Rain drops pierced like sharp needles on my skin,
Some blurred my vision but I had no plans to return.
Few drops shined liked pearls and diamonds on the leaves,
Till they fell and disappeared like an early morning dream.
And some bubbles rose and died in a matter of few seconds.

With weather being an excuse the distance disappeared,
Couples walked together hand in hand.
Singles hugged and made love to their warm woolen gear.
Smiles surfaced even on cracked lips,
And in search of shelter some took to their heels.

Reflections on tarmac as the waters lashed the streets,
It looked as though the world was moving on its head.
I was just a few yards away from my workplace,
Just when I wished, what if I drift away?
Get back home and start, once again.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hope Never Disappoints

She sat on a stairway that spiraled up to the terrace,
At a time when the mist hadn't yet settled itself on the lawn.
In the wee hours of dawn, she sat there still, without sparing a yawn.
Her eyes had turned weary and dry by this time,
After spending the entire sleepless night in tears.

Her moments with him flashed before her eyes,
Every second seemed fresh as though it was just yesterday.
When peers told her about their heart break,
All she could do was only spare a few words to console.
Today, she knew what it meant as she sank deep into their shoes.

Something shined through the darkness and pierced her eye,
It was her pristine diamond studded ring,
Which she got from her fiance that morning.
Everything went well as her folks had planned without a single flaw,
But nothing was according to her plan or what she had wished for.

The dawn began to creep across the skies.
Birds began to chirp and fly over her head.
It was the beginning of a brand new day,
And the bright sun was just about to spread his rays of light,
Not just for this world but also for her life.

She remembered the time when they last met,
With heavy hearts they parted making up their mind,
Hope is something they'd never lose cos destiny had something else in store.
Now yesterdays will remain as sweet memories to cherish,
And tomorrow will be filled with the hope of a new beginning.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

8 pm

The phone rang thrice
by the time she could find it in her bag.
A name very dear to her,
Flashed on the screen.
This sparked a smile, which followed a 'Hello'.

Closing her eyes she laid back on her chair,
listening to his voice she stroked her hair.
And as thou she was under a spell,
she just nodded without saying a word.
Finally, she said ' Ok 8 O’clock' and cut the call.

She blushed like never before and rushed out of work.
Drove straight to home without even a minute to spare,
Stood in front of the mirror and tried everything in her wardrobe.
Some made her look plump while some gave her the lean look.
In few she looked too old and few made her look juvenile.

At last, of all her clothes her eyes stopped at the black evening gown,
Which he gifted on her birthday last.
If not for anything else, this for sure looked perfect tonight.
It flowed down like a stream and swept the floor.
As she walked forth it followed her footsteps.

With a diamond studded silver chain and pair of ear drops,
She wore a platinum ring to complement her attire.
Standing on the balcony she emanated like a divine being,
when the moon got a chance to start up a fire,
with the glittering stones she wore.

The night was special and the mood was right,
she knew this was the moment she had waited all her life.
Would he pop the question or would he be quite?
Will he go down on his knees or surprise me by closing my eyes?
All these questions and a thousand more rushed across her mind.

Suddenly, the moment was interrupted with the ringing of the doorbell,
She rushed down the stairs and stopped near the dressing table,
Glanced at herself from head to toe and ran towards the door.
Stopped at the doorstep to catch a breath,
Holding the knob she opened it with a greeting smile.

A big bunch of gerberas wished in exchange with blooming faces,
But she returned a frown as it was a delivery boy from some flower shop.
She received it in silence and walked back closing the door behind.
The phone rang again and his voice sounded in a regretful tone.
And she just nodded again as she said ' It's ok. Maybe, some other time'

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Every thing's for the best

There are times when you slip,
At your very first step,
That's just the beginning
Of a great endeavour for your destiny awaits.
What if the fall was really hard?
The bounce would certainly take you higher.

There are times when you think again,
Wondering if it was the right move you made.
Just don't turn around but look ahead.
Don't you even dare to regret,
Cos it's His plan and it will never fail,
For He works in mysterious ways.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

May I?

May I sing to you tonight?
So that I may put you to sleep for a while.
I might go off tune or even skip a beat,
So just pretend as though you're listening,
And rest with those eyes closed real tight.

May I tell you a story tonight?
Of things that might just cross our minds.
Not from any fable or any old fairy tale.
But of a brand new world only we'd get to see.
The stories of future where we play the lead.

May I see your pristine smile?
I know it's hard yet you can try.
Forget the pain and grief that's tormenting you tonight.
Cos it'll only spark a flame
That'll spread like a forest fire.

May I just go down on my knees to express?
To say how much I love my princess.
Cos I just don't want, this moment, to let go,
As it might make you feel a lot better than before.
For I'm here to offer all that tender loving care,
You've always been yearning for.

Friday, November 02, 2007


How does it feel like when someone sees through you?
Even though you're right in front of their eyes.
You're just Mr. Nobody who's trying hard to make an identity.
At times, you feel like you're being looked down upon.
As though you're nothing but a vermin,
To a world of the so called supreme beings.

Just when you're trying hard to survive,
Not even a single soul knows you're alive.
Feeling low and cornering yourself,
You seek sympathy yet there's no one to console.
Shedding tears in vain, you drown in despair.
Finding comfort and solace in your own misfortune.

You fail to look up at the ray of light,
That's on the other end of the passage.
Rise and step out of the gloom,
Leave the darkness behind,
Bask in the glory of fame,
It's very much for you to claim.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Kneel down right now and put your hands together,
Close your eyes real tight and begin your last prayer,
The flame of hope flickers so plead for mercy.
The days of grace are almost over,
And you've lost your freedom forever.
Run whichever way you want to,
But you'll find no piece of land for you to stand.
You'll only go around in circles and end up nowhere.
Even if you were to race the speed of light
the shackles of time will drag you behind.
Grounded you are and so will you remain,
From this day until you see the dawn of darkness,
Cos this is just the beginning of the least awaited end.
The glaciers melt like candy on a mid-summer's noon.
Water, water and more water is all you see around.
Cry if you can but dare not ever shed your tears.
For you'll only drown way before you've seen your fate.
For once, you'll thirst for drought,
Or, be patient for a few days more,
And you'll burn with pain and cry out.
Into ash you'll burn and disappear in thin air.
As there is a hole in the ozone's soul,
And the rains don't anymore care.
Nor is there enough green for you to take shade.
All those cautions and warnings,
only now, you’ll recall but it's too late.
Regrets and remorse will torture you throughout,
and your suicidal instincts will surface.
If only you'd seen those early signs that cried out loud,
And showed some concern for your mother,
She'd have rocked your cradle till you rested in her soil,
Who showered upon you her tender, loving care,
During all seasons four.
The same bosom that welcomed you into the light of day
will now usher you into darkness deep.
For you deserve nothing less than an exile of no return,
To the valley of shadows that lies far away.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who am I?

I smile more often just to look impressive,
Even though I don't really mean to,
Not everything I say every time,
Might be what I feel deep inside.
Sometimes I freeze in awe just to show that I'm surprised.

There are so many words that I wish I'd never said.
And many moments where I've indulged faking every second,
Tears held back and bitterness disguised,
Putting up an act like I'm not emotional at all.
Happiness camouflaged with a poker face.

Sensitive I am but according to the world I'm not,
A mannequin of wax who's a stranger to sensuality.
At times, there's a complete change of scene,
Depending on the people and ambiance you see me in.
With an ear to ear, sugar coated smile.

Friends or foes I tend to smudge the thin line,
Until I've gulped a whole glass of wine.
Few jokes and some one-liners to make the mood a lil light.
That's all I need to steal my share of limelight.
And make my presence felt on such hazy, smoked-up nights.

Songs I sing aren't necessarily out of tune,
Though I karaoke sometimes,
I don't always mean every word.
Perhaps, I won't mix up the chords,
Yet I'm sure to stir your mood.

Conversing with great intensity and panache,
I can soar heights on a verbal flight.
But I'm shallow and dumb within.
Despite I sound like I'm really profound,
Only I know how stupid I am.

Sheer arrogance is what I'm related to,
And know-it-all is what the world knows me as.
But ignorance is what I use,
To simply dust it off my shoe.
I am the great pretender who lives in every one of you.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


The moon has stolen the show tonight,
He's playing the lead on a starless sky,
None to question even if he plays the fool,
Only clouds that caress him as they waddle.
He casts his spell across the night,
Dominating darkness by spreading his light.
Fearlessly he roams all over the skies,
Until it's dawn when his opponent arrives,
On chariots of fire all armed to strike.
Whoever wins the battle never stops,
Everyday this goes on from dusk to dawn.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Inside Out

Mirrors never tell the truth,
They deceive your eyes and tell you lies.
Nothing is what meets your eye
For the truth is hidden deep inside,
Which is only seen by the loved one your heart desires.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Standing in a dark room,
I looked at her as she read,
With glowing eyes behind her specs,
Her iris moved gradually, from word to word,
And left to right without even looking up.

Reclined on the couch with a book in one hand,
She bit her nails off the other hand.
Her shadow painted a silhouette on the old stone wall,
And her streaks of hair glistened like the sun’s rays during fall,
It flowed down her shoulders and almost touched the floor.

Gently, with her finger she pushed her glasses up.
That slid down like an avalanche from the mountain top.
Turning around she reached for her tea cup,
And took a sip followed by a puff on the surface of the cup.
The vapour fogged her glasses as she took a sip,
But she closed her eyes as she enjoyed every bit.

I stood there gleaming without moving either side,
When a cold draft shook me off my feet,
That’s when she looked at me with a sparkle in her eyes.
And put the book away and rushed to my rescue.
She cupped my face caringly and looked towards the door.

Closing the door she walked back and slipped into the couch.
Started reading once again from the page where she had left.
I jumped and glowed brightly.
My happiness knew no bound.
I just stretched high as though I could reach the sky.

Nobody could have stopped me,
Until and unless it was none other than me;
My face just shone brighter than ever.
I was blazing with joy from deep inside,
And I was literally melting as I knew it was irreversible.

I could almost feel myself melt and shrink really slow.
But I just couldn’t take my eyes off.
For I was imprisoned as her admirer,
And her admirer forever I’ll be.
Trying not to lift my gaze of her till eternity.

That’s when she again looked at me a lil worriedly.
And walked towards me unhurriedly and stood beside me.
Without looking elsewhere she looked down upon me,
It seemed as though this moment would last for time without end,
Just then she reached for another candle that took my place.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Your face in my mind frame

Looking at those tresses flowing down your shoulders,
It reminds me of those brooks flowing from the hills,
Rushing all the way through the green pastures.
As you gaze through those deep, dark, weary eyes
I see phrases, which speak about the day you left behind.
The smile you just sparked up even when you were tired
Shows how you're concerned to spread it like a forest fire.
Be it a gloomy day where the sun has forgotten its path.
I'm sure you'll be there just to watch the sun go green in envy.
Now as I keep gazing at your picture I can just go on and on.
Cos words aren't something I would google for anytime.
It's my sincere concern not to leave you sleepless anymore.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Across mountains, hills, moors and slopes.

Many pause to see the river flow.

But when my Angel strolls by the banks.

The river pauses to catch her glimpse.


As you stroll down the memory lane,
You visit your past that remains unchanged.
Many things have passed and gone,
But none should shake your faith apart.
Believe in yourself for the destiny awaits
Because tomorrow is for you to change.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Silence fell between them,
As they sat with locked gazes under the moonlight.
A flame flickered in the wind,
Which played the host between their eyes.
The wind slowly whispered,
But they just never paid heed.

The table that divided them apart,
Wanted to crumble into fine dust.
Just to watch them surrender helplessly,
And drown in each other's arms,
By forgetting the world around,
And unite in spirit and thoughts

The roses lay silent with their heads dropped low,
Waiting for the mist to wake them up with a kiss.
The wine he poured stood still at the brim.
No lips had even immersed itself in it.
Their thirst they quenched,
By drinking from the chalice of each other's eyes.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Introvert Homicide

Sweat trickled down her forehead,
As she stepped into her room.
Walking towards the fridge she paused and turned,
Glanced at the mirror on her right,
And pushed her hair behind,
Which rested on her forehead.
This was a routine practice of hers,
After retuning from her daily jog.

Sipping on some cold coffee,
She sat before her laptop,
Going through her mails.
Her eyes were fixed on the screen,
Deleting spam and replying to messages.
She spoke through virtual windows through words,
Some were strangers and some were friends,
Whereas, some were friends who'd turned strangers,
Over the course of time.

At times, she spent hours together,
Gazing at those virtual windows and exchanging words.
Judging people on the conversations they made.
She gave a face to those words that came.
Speaking to people from every corner of the world,
Like she had never spoken before.
She had peeled off all her inhibitions
And killed the introvert who had resided in her.

Monday, August 06, 2007


Flipping pages one by one,
She sat beside the window looking outside,
As the rain poured incessantly.
Droplets few kissed her lips,
And she closed her eyes to acknowledge it.

The wind rushed in and caressed her hair,
She gently went back as she felt the touch.
The rain started to roar and echo with thunder,
And lightning flashed its flash bulbs and captured her image.
She put the book aside and ran into the rain.

Dancing like a lil lass who'd just stepped out to play.
She jumped into a puddle and splashed the water over her head.
Looking towards the sky above
She closed her eyes and greeted it with a smile.
While the heavy drizzle washed her completely from head to toe.

All that lip gloss, mascara and cream,
gave way to her true self that lay beneath.
Buried behind a fake identity,
Which she was forced to wear,
To make the world cheer in glee.

Suddenly, a voice pierced in the rain,
Like that of god in a loud thunderous way.
That very moment the rain vanished without a trace.
And she walked towards a near by chair.
It was the movie's director who shouted Cut! Shot OK!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

let's rewind

It's been sometime since we shared a moment together.
And it's been a while since we spoke to each other.
Our parallel lives have torn us apart,
Yet we're one in our thoughts.
Those were the days when we ruthlessly killed time,
While we spoke about everything under the wide open sky,
Learning about each other inside out;
Knowing on which day our next birthday would fall,
Planning surprises by wrapping gifts and writing cards.
And sometimes spending hours in arguments and fights,
That made us look stupid in each other's eyes.
We crawled into the depth of the night conversing in words.
Until the dawn seeped in to remind us,
We still have another day in our lives.
Let's get back to where we began.
When we never had to stare at our dials.
While making conversations or replying to messages.
Those days that had no deadlines to interfere.
Or, the worry about the next assignment
That needs to be completed.
Let's wile away time catching the dry leaves,
Which fall from tall tree tops.
Run along the brook side,
Chasing paper boats before they wreck down.
Tasting those refreshing drops of summer rain
With our tongues pointed out in the thin air.
Drawing faces on fogged window panes,
Erasing them with our sleeves and trying all over again.
If only we were to have the remote control,
We would live life like it were in the movies,
Pause time whenever we want,
And switch onto the rewind mode.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

au revoir

You're off to a place across the blue waters.
Far from a world that's insane in every way.
You're all set to head south to the land that yearns for peace.
In search of your friend in a war torn land.
You've packed your bags and all set to leave.
Just let go the earth beneath your feet;
Fly away into serenity
And carry along the message of peace.

It's a deceptively beautiful world out there damsel.
For what you see is isn't what what it really is.
Where even grass on the other side doesn't seem green.
And where shells bloom more than blossoms in streets.
So watch carefully every step you take.
Remember whenever you want to turn around
And return to where you began.
There's a soul waiting for his angel with wide open arms.
Be it during scorching heat or pouring rain.


Bow your heads down and look beneath.
Oh! You ever glowing stars from above.
Lying on her back she sleeps so calmly.
Like a placid lake amidst lush greenery.
With those tender fingers keying a msg for her Scribbler.
She innocently chuckles and rolls over like a cute toddler.
As though she's whispering her best kept secret into my ears.
Her eyes are gleaming brighter than any of you stars up there.
Take refuge behind those clouds if you don't want to scamper;
Watch the darkness go on its knees before her
And slowly surrender.


Living a life behind the iron mask.
She pretends to be a stranger to emotions and tears.
Deep down she's still a damsel with a baby's face,
Who's away from this world's mortals,
For their own goodness sake.
As breaking their hearts unintentionally is what she fears;

Residing on a high tower over the rock fort.
She has imprisoned herself
Behind the bars of bitter memories and despair.
Spending time making conversations.
With her quill she talks to the paper all day
Who listens to her without any complaints;

Sometimes her quill paints a vibgyor.
And at times it bleeds incessantly with pain.
With ink she glues them to paper,
Weaving thoughts together with words and phrases.
Emptying all her thoughts onto plain paper.
She wipes the slate clean with her tears.

After dusk, she sits beside the lone window.
Looking down at the hamlet where the Scribbler resides.
Amidst smoking chimneys and dimly lit lights.
She tries to catch a glimpse if he ever passes by.
Though the distance between is poles apart.
They remain together in prayers and thoughts.

Someday, she'll drop her mask.
And see the light of day.
Set herself free from those shackles and bars.
Descend from the tower to meet this wandering soul.
For this is the Scribbler's wish,
Which will make his life whole.

Monday, July 02, 2007


Step out from that corner where you've cornered yourself,
Break free from the shell, where you've imprisoned your soul,
Unleash that spirit that’s yearning for freedom
And look outside your kingdom where you've been chained down.

Look beyond those books,
Through which you thought you saw the world.
For there's more to it than just pictures and innumerable words,
Some that is to be experienced and some inexplicable.

Shatter that image of a silver fish
In which you've disguised yourself.
Let your legs do the walking for a change
And relieve you fingers from flipping across the pages.

Break your virtual window
And throw open that door.
Stop clicking and taking virtual tours,
Just knock hard and everything will open up for you to know.

For the real world awaits you with a myriad of colours,
Dormant like a volcano that lies in wait for your nod.
Step up and see what all you've missed until now,
Because you've been lost all this while in a world of your own.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Rowing across the back waters
into the green serenity.
Leaving behind a trail of ripples
We sail into the silence that echoed loudly.

Softly the nature rendered its tunes in a medley.
In sync to the rhythm of our heart beats
while the waves began to sway in harmony.
The breeze came along gently and carried it across the sea.

The water froze still as we reached the shore beside.
And the sky gazed at it as though it's looked into a mirror beneath.
Painting its face from blue to dark crimson,
It bid farewell to the exhausted sun.

Now it's all set to welcome the new host for the night.
And slowly the moon emerged between the silver lines.
Just like a mascot of peace,
All dressed in pristine white.

Holding hands we strolled together in the twilight.
Suddenly, she stopped for a moment and looked into my eyes.
No words were spoken yet a lot was said.
We hoped this moment lasted forever and there wasn't another day ahead.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Every step you take you'll find me beside
No matter how far you travel you'll find me by your side
I'll be around be it morn, mid-day or dusk

I'll be right behind you when you walk towards the scorching sun
And leading you while you walk into the night
While the sun is sinking down

Even if you are on cloud #9 or drowned in the abyss of despair
I won't ever talk back even if you were to tell me lies
I will listen to all the stories whenever you want to share

On bright sunny days I'm at the reach of your sight
During gloomy days you can still
Catch a glimpse of me all the time

Never heed to what the world says
Don't you ever break down or turn around
Just keep your head straight and march on your way

It doesn't matter how the world sees you
And whichever path you choose to tread
You'll be the one I'll always look up to
I, your SHADOW will never leave you alone

Saturday, June 09, 2007


How strange some relationships are?

Some begin that very moment you’re born.

Some are destined for you even before you’re formed.

Some begin with a simple glance

Some begin over an argument for taking your stance.

Many take wings between two virtual windows.

And some just head nowhere

even if they’re in the next door.

Now don’t forget the old coffee place or pub.

Where it begins with a stir or even while you shout cheers.

A few you think that’ll last forever.

And some that just begins and moves no further.

Some begin and end between two destinations.

Few are like those railway tracks that travel for miles together

But do they get to ever meet each other?

No matter where you began, right now you’re here.

Reading this scribble that’s just about to end.

Now, here you have a choice either take it or leave it.

If you want to begin a new bond,

You can leave your comment just before you leave.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Voices from the attic

Blinded by pitch darkness I’m cornered in loneliness,
All alone in this big mansion that's a stranger to daylight,
Deeply submerged in darkness.
I can't even see a ray of light.
I feel like I'm drowning deeper,
And there’s no one to rescue me from this plight.

I'm left with no hope or strength,
And there's no way I can escape.
Nor is there anyone to converse or understand,
In this god forsaken night not even the moon's there to help,
Neither my shadow' is in sight for me to confide.

Suddenly, whispers pierce like arrows through darkness
And the silence is shattered like a dropped ming vase.
Eventually the voices get louder and louder
And the deafening silence dissolves into the thin air.
As the voices from the attic begin to resonate;

Here the past lies untouched and it gets mysterious everyday
It could be true or just a deceptive game of my mind.
I sit there perplexed as I hear the voices echo over my head.
Some scream for freedom and some shout in remorse.
All they want now is a slave who can serve them right

A mind, which they can rule upon.
A puppet with its strings in their hands.
I refuse, I resist but this seems to be the toughest task.
They plead and beg so that I open the attic door
And let them out from their dungeon
Where they've been trapped since they were born.

I close my ears tight and pretend to be deaf
Yet those voices just don't leave.
No matter to whom I tell this, they just don't believe.
The world calls me a schizophrenic
But that's not what I am according to me.

I'm gifted and I'm special.
My vision exceeds what you see.
Someday, I'll also be cured and free
And pretend to lead a life normally.
Just like everyone else around me.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


On the grains of sand she left behind her footsteps,
As she walked towards the horizon into the sunset.
She carried a jar of water over her head,
which she'd filled from the nearest sweet water well.
Though it was a few miles away,
it was the closest from where she stayed.

Walking beside the row of palm trees,
she could hear the chirping of birds above,
as they returned to their homes.
Taking little steps one by one
suddenly she stumbled upon something in the dark.
It was pitch black out there,
And not even a star in sight.

She felt it gently with her tender hands,
Just to know if it was a piece of rock,
and the very moment she felt the warm breath.
That’s when she got to know it was a lost traveler,
Who had collapsed after losing his conscious on the ground,
And this wasn't at all something new for her.

She sprinkled a few drops of water,
Just to bring him back to life,
Slowly he gained conscious and opened his weary eyes,
Only to see a silhouette,
That was darker than the night.
He was startled for a while cos’ he couldn't see a thing.
And questioned her in a lost voice "what happened to me?"

For this she replied in the voice of an angel,
"You must have got a lil too tired on the way to your destiny
but now you're ok after you woke up from your deep sleep".
He lost himself after he heard her voice,
It sounded like a song and it kept echoing in his ears.
And was almost mute as he didn't know what he should do.

Once again she spoke to him with her delicate voice
"You can spend the night in my village until it's dawn.
For the night is too dark to go on your way.
And beasts of the wild lurk out there in search of their prey.
But once it turns morn you're on your own".
He smiled at her instantly but couldn't see if she smiled back,
And followed her to the village as she led him to her place

The night was really dark and not a thing could be seen.
The only thought that lingered in his mind was:
How was it that only she could see?
He didn't want to question her now or even start a talk
for he was afraid that she might get annoyed.
Or, she might abandon him in the middle of nowhere.

They reached her hut and she gave him some place to rest
There wasn't even a single lamp lit to reveal her face.
She gave him some water and some left over bread
He ate that without uttering a single word,
And fell asleep even while he was at it,
as he was too dry and tired.

The next day he woke up to the bright light,
As the sun's rays pricked him and masked his face.
He saw that he was alone in the hut and not a soul around.
Then he heard someone sweep near the doorway.
He rushed to see the girl who helped him that previous night.
Amidst the dust she stood with a glowing face,
And she looked like an angel amidst a cloud of dust.

He walked to her immediately and thanked her for the help.
And asked her a simple question,
Which haunted his mind all through the night.
"How could you find your way back when the night was so dark?"
For which she gave a reply and that left him completely dumb struck.

“This is the world you live in and this is where you'll forever be.
A world that’s bright with sunlight and filled with colours and shades.
But the world I live in is filled with darkness
and that's how it was and so will it be.
For I was born blind and everything seems same for my eyes
whether it's a bright sunny day or the darkest starless night.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Streaks of lightning racing across the sky
While the thunder's chasing them from behind
Riding across the rain slashed roads
I zip like a thunderbolt under the gray clouds
I dart through puddles like a comet in the sky
While drops of rain splash all over my face
I feel like I'm taking a stroll on the seaside
There's none to stop, except Me
As I indulge in sheer ecstasy
Speed thrills or kills I didn't want to explore
Cos I'd gone beyond that
In pursuit of touching the horizon
All alone I rode like a monarch on wheels
While the meek took shelter on either sides
Accelerating slowly I zoomed ahead in poise and in control
The feeling was so exhilarating I just couldn't get enough
I felt like going on and invading a few miles more
I just hoped the road doesn't end
Untill the rain had stopped its reign

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I got to move on
I won't ever say die
I have to live
And I'm determined that I'll survive
I'm deeply wounded
And sorely I bleed
But this rage in me
Would never ever heed
Until I've reached the other side

It all began when my plane got hit
And it immediately dived 'n' accepted defeat
It's just a machine that served its objective
But its man has a greater mission to accomplish
Though I survived the crash
I got shot by the ruthless enemy
His aim was good
But fate showed some mercy
He missed my heart
By just a couple of inches

My knee is scraped
So I limp more than walk
Yet I'd rather limp and move ahead
Than stay still till I'm proclaimed dead
I feel the pain creep all over
But I won't let it to over power my will
I got to bear the pain
And drag on till I've crossed the line
For my destiny's in sight
And that's just beyond that horizon

There my love waits for me
In the bosom of my motherland
I've given her my word
And I dare not break
So if at all I meet death
I wish it's in her arms
For I refuse to die on an alien land
Every step seems like a mile
And every minute's spent in unbearable pain

Slowly the sun hides behind the hills
Unable to see me struggle with death
Fortunately, I see the north star far away
Looks like it's been sent by my love
Just to show me the way
I feel rejuvenated as I see the light
For it reminds me of her eyes
That twinkled in glee when we first got to meet
Through pitch darkness I drag myself ahead
And moved on towards my destiny
With nothing but just faith

Suddenly, I wake up to see that it's dawn
I must have fallen into deep slumber
While I stopped to catch my breath
Now I see a long stretch of barbwire
Just a few yards away
My lips recollect a long lost expression
I smile at the sky and thank my almighty
Now I pull myself across the fence
And kiss the soil as I trip and fall

The joy within me is brimming in my eyes
But the reality is that a warrior never cries
So I control myself with all my might
I've reached my motherland
But my journey doesn't end
I still have to meet my love
Who's waiting for me with bated breath
I've made it this far
I've got to move on

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Parting ways

Together they sat all cuddled up before the fireplace
The silence was quite deafening
As all that one could hear was the burning of wood in the furnace
Outside the snow flakes were descending from heavens above
The moon had covered itself with a thick blanket of clouds
It was her birthday but she wasn’t that overjoyed
All her excitement had turned into despair
For the thought of missing him haunted her mind
Cos he’d be battling for the nation few days from today
And it was the last night they’d ever get to meet
As he had to return to the Air base the very next day
The moment he remembered it he hugged her tight
Looked straight into her eyes and kissed her forehead
Tears rolled down her eyes and triggered an avalanche
And this buried her soul in debris of her broken heart
But she had to bear the pain as he wasn’t just her hero
He was the nation’s hero who had to save another day
Now they had to part ways as the dawn came near
And this was the first time ever
They never wanted to see the day break
They wished the night should remain the same
Without ever getting to see the sun’s blinding rays
Now all he had to spare were a few words of comfort
And a promise that he would return one day
With freedom for his motherland and love for his lass
Until then, he said to her by whispering into her ears
Look up to the skies whenever I flash before your eyes
Blow a gentle kiss and whisper your message
The winds will carry it to me wherever I might be
And before I leave I give you my word
That one day be it dusk or dawn I’ll surely return
Even if I have to cheat death and fight with fate
And I’ll carry you away to a land far away

Where we’ll grow old together and end in the grave the same day

Monday, April 02, 2007


Underneath the old willow tree
She was on her knees beside her other half

Crying bitterly with a remorseful heart

She knelt before his grave in despair

With her head bowed down like a withered rose

She had lost her strength after crying all day

Moments they’d spent together flashed before her eyes

Though her vision was blurred because of those incessant tears

It seemed as though they’d just met yesterday

But today he’d left without even a promise that he’ll return one day

For the game what fate plays none can explain

Now everyone at the funeral tried hard but couldn’t console

Just then even nature couldn’t hold back its grief

It opened up the skies and showered the rain

Slowly one after the other everyone began to leave

Leaving her lonely beside her love who had also left her in vain

After a few moments her friend retuned for her

And saw her still without moving an inch from there

She put the hand on her shoulder to wake her up from there

But she fell on his tomb like a rose on the grave

Now none can ever tear them apart

As they’re once again together from this very day

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


More than a million songs you might have heard
All about love and being loved
Heartbreaks and memories that can never be erased
Everything sounds very much the same
And every word is repeated again and again
It seems as though there are templates to convey your love
Though you’ve heard it for the first time
You feel that you’ve already heard it before
Even if the feeling’s the same since Stone Age
I’m sure there are a zillion other ways to express
And every time you tell your love to someone
It doesn’t necessarily be with those three little words
For your love is best said
When you don’t even utter a single word
As your eyes will surely give it away
It'll shout out loud by sending echoes all the way


She sat on the rooftop waiting all alone
Gazing skywards counting the shooting stars
Making a wish every time a star passed by
And hoping that everything’s going to be just fine
She would close her eyes like a shutterbug
Whenever a star took a nosedive
As though she is saving them from their final flight
Capturing last glimpses of the journey of no return
She kept on looking with those wide-open eyes
As a kid she never failed to admit
That they were diamonds, which shined gloriously all night
Now she’s waiting for her man who would return from the war
With a diamond ring under the same star studded sky
But she also knows that life isn’t a fairy tale for sure
Where a prince charming will sweep her off her feet
Yet she spends her lonely nights waiting like a bride to be
For moments that have turned into decades over the years
With nothing more than hope brimming in her heart
She keeps wishing that he would come back alive
Suddenly she could feel a cold hand over her grey head
And she looked back with a smile but only to be surprised
It was none other than her caretaker from the asylum where she stayed

Saturday, March 17, 2007


There's a picture in my mind of an angel divine
I dont think if I've ever seen her in my lifetime
Unless its my dream where she visits every night
Through words she painted her portrait in my mind
No Picasso or Da Vinci can even try to compete
A million colors,shades and hues she used to paint it
And she put the vibrant rainbow to shame
Her tresses have the darkest shade of dusk
Her lips are as red as the crimson horizon during sunset
Eyes that make the glittering stars shy away
And her smile will make the brightest sunbeam run for shade
I've no regrets even if I die without ever getting to see her
For her picture in my mind will never ever fade

Monday, March 12, 2007

Confessions of a lost soul

Cornered by my misery
I sat alone waiting for death to strike
Just about to make a very daring move
When cold drops of sweat rushed down my brow

My eyes were clouded with bitter tears
One hand gripped the arm of a chair
While the other held a gun
With a finger on its trigger

It was loaded with a single bullet
Cos’ I didn’t know if I really deserved to die
Neither had a clue if it’s going to strike
At the right time and take away my life

I gave my life three chances
So that the possibilities are less for me to survive
I wasn’t a coward by any chance for sure
For you need the will of a warrior to go beyond that door

I pulled the trigger for the first time
With my eyes closed real tight
But I lived to hear the click
Which disappointed my very first try

Without pausing any longer
I pulled the trigger again
Once again I missed the bullet
And looked towards the ceiling in vain

I consoled myself, as there’s one more to go
This will surely be my end
That’s when I tried my luck the last time
And realized that I’ve been cheated by death again

Though my mind was willing my body’s weak
Just like every human whose heart is bleak
Slowly I saw the world around go blur
My heart began to beat heavily and felt the burn

I gasped for breath and incessantly coughed
Only to feel my heart come to a dead halt
At last my grief had taken its toll
I saved a bullet but lost my life

Finally, the bullet was left behind
To tell the story of the merciless fate
That raced the speeding bullet
And embraced the deceitful death

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


She brought the spring along as she stepped into this world
Her first giggle opened up the skies
And ushered the sweet summer rain
All she knew was to spread cheer everywhere
For she traded happiness for all those bitter tears
If you ever get to meet her
You might just forget all your grief
That’s been a resident of your mind
And made your heart really heavy
Cos every time I was down she lifted me up with a smile
Every moment my mind was a blank canvas
She painted it with vivid colours
Whenever I wanted to express about her
She made me google for words
For there isn’t enough words to reflect what’s in me for her
Though this Scribble tries to capture some
This is nothing but just a sequel
To many more Scribbles that are yet to come

Everyday Heroes

You meet them in some moments of your life
They live not for themselves but to brighten others lives
To reach the sky isn’t always their aim in life
But they serve as ladders to those who wish to soar really high
They don’t mind being trampled
While helping others ascend the stars
And they’d go just any distance
To see them go that extra mile
They’re always amongst us
To share our grief and make us smile
And their life isn’t filled with qualms or painful cries
Even if it they suffer they dare not to show their tears
Sporting a never fading smile
They always keep their world alive
You see them in your mother, father or brother
Or, a fire fighter, a soldier at the border or a perfect stranger
Wherever they are they silently complete their task
Their mission that needs to be accomplished
Their purpose for what they have survived
They are the everyday heroes who are born to touch our lives

Sunday, February 25, 2007


The cause for all misery
It turns the meek into a beast
A hidden enemy within yourself
You never know when it's unleashed
Just when the mind has lost its control
It makes the wise look like a fool
When it's the resident of your soul
There's no room for wisdom anymore
Sometimes it lives for a moment
And sometimes it lasts a lifetime
Dominating you completely from head to toe
It slowly eats you alive making the world a foe
An eye for an eye is its motto
Hence, it blindly wages a war on any soul
Though the battle is not about who's right
But who's left or rather who survives
Feeding on explicit verbal wars
It quenches its thirst on innocent blood
Finally, it makes you a prisoner of the past
And leaves you disgusted with a life full of regrets

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Her voice still echoes in my mind
Even though I heard it for the first time
She started the conversation with a simple ‘hello’
It sounded like a medley
That's sweet and mellow
Words were set to a mystic tune
A magical spell from which I'm yet to revive
Though it was a conversation
I heard more and very less was said
It lasted
only for a few minutes
But it took me hours to snap back
I still wonder if she ever spoke
For all that I heard was her angelic voice
That gave way to lyres and chimes in the background
She hails from a far away land
A paradise that's across the seas
One day for sure I hope we’ll meet
And I wish that this doesn't repeat
As I don't want to spend that moment
By being cast under a spell

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Where does the search end?

Thorns can’t stop the rose from withering

Nor can you stop yourself from falling in love

Love can’t be found even on a bright sunny day

For love will only find you

Even if it’s a place which the sun has least known

It’s like the waves of the sea under the full moon sky

They never cease to caress the shores

But nothing is as refreshing as the first wave that hit you before

Some drag you into the deep and they’ll never leave

It’ll become your ill fated destiny for eternity

Though not everyone who’s in love has seen the day of doom

It’s their heart that’s as fragile as a rose, which’s yet to bloom

And once they bloom they either make it

in between the pages of a book called life

By leaving an impression that’ll remain forever

Or, simply end up on a grave

Conversations in Silence

Staying apart doesn’t mean we’re far away

We live very close to each other through our thoughts everyday

When we meet those moments are lost in complete silence

Our conversations are nothing more than exchange of glances

As it’s not just words that say everything indeed

There’s more to it when it’s said through the deafening silence

And if only words could explain all that we want to say

Maybe, we would never regret even if we were to be born blind in a way

For true understanding arises not by talking all night and day

But when a lot is said even if no words are spared

Cos’ it’s the eyes that express your love in a million ways

Yet it has no dictionary or thesaurus

to decipher its true meaning in any way

Unless it’s the one who loves you with all their mind and soul

Every expression is understood without a single flaw

And if I die you can still meet me at my grave

Then however near, the distance between us would be far

I won’t have any glances or words to spare

But still we can converse in silence

Until we meet again on the other side