Friday, December 22, 2006


Eyes deceive and mirrors lie
They never reveal the true image that's hidden inside
Of people you think you know everything about
You sometimes think twice if you're wrong or right
And all that's in store is a big surprise
But one day for sure it'll unexpectedly strike
And before you know the truth will tear you apart
It can be right now or just any other day
So be prepared to face it, 'cos it could be just anytime
For this world's a maze where most are lost
With people all over the place living a fake life wearing a mask


Vidushi said...

I really enjoy ur writing and the pictures... u make me want 2 introsect more

meha said...


vandana said...

..cudnt agree more with u..:)..but being cautious is not easy..doesnt come naturally especially with ppl u trus n learns it the hard way that there is a mask covering every persona....lovely write...!!!!deep..subtel..!!