Thursday, December 28, 2006


Seated by the window I look out as I'm on my way
see people racing ahead of time
And completely busy in their own solitary worlds
Many rushing towards their home
Whereas some are just on their way to work
It seems as though nothing divides the day from night
except for the sun's bright light
Now, earth revolves a lot faster than ever
And we need more hours than just 24
Everyone's busy in a world of their own
Never do they try to see what's around
Loosing out on small pleasures of life
While chasing dreams which they might just not reach
Ruled by fortune, fame and lust
No one know's what's their destiny that awaits
Running around, working hard and walking on
Sometimes even their shadows get tired and back off
But their chase for wealth simply never ends
Well, what more can I say?
I got to stop somewhere
And here comes my bus stop
Where I got to get off
And return to the solitary world where I belong


Anonymous said...

hey nice 1
realistic 2
not exactly my type
bt likeable all the same

Megna.m said...

:) tis a shame there is only one thing on people's mind rather than the finer things. Nicely expressed...very realistic.

prianca said...

good 1...

Anonymous said...

Mind Blowing Charlie

kiran said...

this ones perrrrrfect!!
i love it!!!
nice thinking

smriti said...

u hv bn gifted wid a gr8 poetic ability...this one has bn beautifully expressed....cheers 2 u!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVED IT... truly amazing..!!

"Sometimes even their shadows get tired and back off"
This is so true.. I mean i really love your style of expression..

Great work Amit.. Muah!

Keep Scribbling..!!

vandana said...

...well..i too have a solitary world to begin with..:)..even i wonder sutimes was this rushing n running n competing is all 'bout..enjoyed ur write a lot!!!:)

meenakshi said...

beautiful... we all have to stop one day and search for the idead within us... we all are in love with an idead, which makes us live....... an idea of life

rukhiya said...

there again, isnt solitude a divine bliss :P
I liked the way you structured it, like the words were racing ahead of 'emselves in each line. :)

aneri_masi said...

mast hai :) very apt for my zzzz pic :)

Menina said...

even their shadows get tired and back off...

nicely put!