Tuesday, December 26, 2006


It was brightness like never before as she left the darkness behind
The world seemed new and bright when she carefully opened her eyes
She felt as though she'd been once again born
Something she hadn't experienced for long
All she could feel was some relief but mixed with unbearable pain
Then slowly the door opened and gave way to someone she'd seen before
But all that mattered to her was tat bundle of joy
That was gift wrapped in a soft piece of cloth
Tears clouded her eyes and blurred her vision for a moment.
But she sat up like a lil dame forgetting all her pain
She took her new born angel in her arms
And gently kissed on the forehead
A tear drop rolled down her cheek like a kid on a slide
And her face lit up with a divine smile
Now all her pain has gone far away
To a land she might not find her way
What's left for her is a title which every woman prays for everyday
It's "Mother" and that'll be her new name till eternity from today


Anonymous said...

The theme of this poem is so simple, yet it is so well written that i could envision it while i read it...take a bow

tapas said...

Really Gr8 !a difficult subject written with great simplicity.

subashree said...

i realised after reading your poem that many of us dont remember the expression on our mothers face and as time goes by as we see the expression of other mothers as they hold their bundle of joy we understand the love of mother. but wen i read your poem it felt as though you were able to capture the expression on ur mothers face and ur writing is an exprssion of nostalgia

Megna.m said...

Be thankful to your brain for writing such a moment in a mother's life, because as time passes, I don't think every child would remember to glance back to see her face...whether it be the first day of school, leaving for college or being wedded off to lead their own lives. uv put the very first moment of beauty for a mother, into great words, explanation and feeling...great stuff :)

roshan said...

good work. deep woven feelings of a mother neatly expressed!

Aditi said...

tears clouded my eyes too!! very touchin!!

payal said...

Ur write is so genuine.....took me 6 yrs back when my daughter was born!

d SINNER!!! said...


keep scribblin...

sunita said...

so heartfelt.......the dam is left unbound.....just awesome.....