Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Sitting on a park bench I see her walk towards me
Though my eyes are wide open, I feel like I'm dreaming

Suddenly, the mid summer noon turns pleasant and serene

As the sky opens up and showers a light drizzle on the green

The green lawn looks at its best
Flaunting those droplets like a jewel made of crystals Birds begin to chirp and cheer as they take a dipin the fountain that's oozing with joy seeing her pass by
The trees shed their flowers

And weave a carpet as she walks

But she strolls down gracefully
Without trampling those blossoms beneath her feet
As though she's walking across the clouds
taking little steps one by one
Altogether, the nature's awe-struck
seeing her walk forth like an Angel from heavens above


calmetoisis said...

man you definitely sound like a person who believes in love at first sight..i christen you "the charmer"...your work definitely charms me

The Muse said...

Who is this for?

You transported me to a different world!

smriti said...