Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Eyes Wide Open

On my bed as I lay
Thoughts take a stroll in my memory lane
The lights are dim and silence prevails
There's not a single whisper from the caressing winds
The world's asleep but I alone am awake
Staring at the ceiling I think of her, who's far away
The night's cold and darker than ever
With a constant downpour of rain and lots of thunder
She's scared of thunder and lightning for sure
And I'm wondering if she's awake or tucked in and asleep
I've lost my sleep while I'm thinking if she's sleeping sound and safe
Trying to close my eyes but all in vain
I sat up and wrote a scribble,
which you just read:)


The Eternal Poetess said...

funny nobody commented on this 1 b4..bt i relli identify wid this 1 coz this is wot the future holds for me and my reaction to this was "hey thts us!!"
kip the good work goin!!cheerios

~~~"O Im sad to say IM on my way and wont be back fro many a day..."~~~~

lavina said...

Hey you r great
it seems that you were awake all night thinking of her and so you posted it in the dawn
your emotions flow too smoothly
great work

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and rightly put dude... One has to be in this situation to understand this deepth and i am with you.


Aditi said...

hey u really giv nice titles to ur work as well!! keep it up!!

smriti said...

nice one eddy :)

tho nw u hv become a maestro bt flow of thoughts is amazing here :)