Thursday, December 28, 2006


Seated by the window I look out as I'm on my way
see people racing ahead of time
And completely busy in their own solitary worlds
Many rushing towards their home
Whereas some are just on their way to work
It seems as though nothing divides the day from night
except for the sun's bright light
Now, earth revolves a lot faster than ever
And we need more hours than just 24
Everyone's busy in a world of their own
Never do they try to see what's around
Loosing out on small pleasures of life
While chasing dreams which they might just not reach
Ruled by fortune, fame and lust
No one know's what's their destiny that awaits
Running around, working hard and walking on
Sometimes even their shadows get tired and back off
But their chase for wealth simply never ends
Well, what more can I say?
I got to stop somewhere
And here comes my bus stop
Where I got to get off
And return to the solitary world where I belong

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


It was brightness like never before as she left the darkness behind
The world seemed new and bright when she carefully opened her eyes
She felt as though she'd been once again born
Something she hadn't experienced for long
All she could feel was some relief but mixed with unbearable pain
Then slowly the door opened and gave way to someone she'd seen before
But all that mattered to her was tat bundle of joy
That was gift wrapped in a soft piece of cloth
Tears clouded her eyes and blurred her vision for a moment.
But she sat up like a lil dame forgetting all her pain
She took her new born angel in her arms
And gently kissed on the forehead
A tear drop rolled down her cheek like a kid on a slide
And her face lit up with a divine smile
Now all her pain has gone far away
To a land she might not find her way
What's left for her is a title which every woman prays for everyday
It's "Mother" and that'll be her new name till eternity from today

Friday, December 22, 2006


Eyes deceive and mirrors lie
They never reveal the true image that's hidden inside
Of people you think you know everything about
You sometimes think twice if you're wrong or right
And all that's in store is a big surprise
But one day for sure it'll unexpectedly strike
And before you know the truth will tear you apart
It can be right now or just any other day
So be prepared to face it, 'cos it could be just anytime
For this world's a maze where most are lost
With people all over the place living a fake life wearing a mask

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Eyes Wide Open

On my bed as I lay
Thoughts take a stroll in my memory lane
The lights are dim and silence prevails
There's not a single whisper from the caressing winds
The world's asleep but I alone am awake
Staring at the ceiling I think of her, who's far away
The night's cold and darker than ever
With a constant downpour of rain and lots of thunder
She's scared of thunder and lightning for sure
And I'm wondering if she's awake or tucked in and asleep
I've lost my sleep while I'm thinking if she's sleeping sound and safe
Trying to close my eyes but all in vain
I sat up and wrote a scribble,
which you just read:)


Sitting on a park bench I see her walk towards me
Though my eyes are wide open, I feel like I'm dreaming

Suddenly, the mid summer noon turns pleasant and serene

As the sky opens up and showers a light drizzle on the green

The green lawn looks at its best
Flaunting those droplets like a jewel made of crystals Birds begin to chirp and cheer as they take a dipin the fountain that's oozing with joy seeing her pass by
The trees shed their flowers

And weave a carpet as she walks

But she strolls down gracefully
Without trampling those blossoms beneath her feet
As though she's walking across the clouds
taking little steps one by one
Altogether, the nature's awe-struck
seeing her walk forth like an Angel from heavens above