Wednesday, November 22, 2006

By my side

We haven't met that often
I've no clue whether we'll ever meet
Never held each other's hands and wished upon a star
Nor have we walked together in the pouring rain
But why do I feel that you're always beside me
In moments of joy, grief, celebration or pain
I just don't feel like I'm ever alone
Your voice keeps echoing in my ears
And your image is what I'll never forget
Though it decieves my eyes through mirages and illusions
You're there when I need you most
Really close, no matter how far


Iniyaazh said...

Nice poem. Sincere words with no fake ostentatious phrases.

Sam said...

great words buddy!.. i luved them.... u seem to be a hrtbrkn...even m stuck...anywayz,... keep up the good work.. tc.. all the best buddy!

Anonymous said...

Very good piece of work

gurveen said...

nice poem..or a nice scribble:)

The Muse said...

Oh really?lolz....

I never thought you could write mushy ones too!

It's definitely not my style(atleast,can't do it with flamboyance!)

good scribble!

smriti said...

i told u i wanna read sm mushy stuff ;)

good one again :)