Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Flipping through the pages of my life
I try to re-live the moments by every hour and every minute
Some were quite memorable and some just another page
There were moments that I thought would never end
And some, which I thought why did it even begin
Then I came across that part when we first met
You were not another page
But in between the pages is where you lay
The bookmark, which I turn to always
A rose that left an impression and it shall never fade


Megna.m said...

uv taken one of the smallest of details in life and put great words to them....very nicely expressed :)

xAERO said...

an impression of love
treasured forever
a reminiscent trove
forgotten never

really loved the meaning!

Anonymous said...

you have a way with words that is quite astounding, you have a gift beyond comparison,

looking forward to more of your "scribbles"

Aditi said...

like i told u..if u can giv so much dignity even to a lifeless thing wid ur wrds, the girl u will write for will b soooo touched!! i salute ur wrk!!

smriti said...

lucky she...u write such lovely poems 4 her :)

lucky u...u write such awesome stuff

lucky we....we get to read them all n hv found a bookmark too...ur "scribblezpad" :)

smriti said...

loved reading it of d most beautiful of ur writes...very touching :)