Wednesday, November 22, 2006

By my side

We haven't met that often
I've no clue whether we'll ever meet
Never held each other's hands and wished upon a star
Nor have we walked together in the pouring rain
But why do I feel that you're always beside me
In moments of joy, grief, celebration or pain
I just don't feel like I'm ever alone
Your voice keeps echoing in my ears
And your image is what I'll never forget
Though it decieves my eyes through mirages and illusions
You're there when I need you most
Really close, no matter how far

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Residents of the dark

Many take refuge in darkness

And that’s where forever they’ll stay
Away from the world, where everyone’s wearing a painted face
Those colours are fake but vibrant
And sometimes they fade away
They wander the streets all night hunting for their prey
Keeping an eye on every soul that’s lost and led astray
They’re victims of fate’s cruel game, which none can ever escape
All they do is search for the light
And get blinded by its bright rays
At last, they end up in the grave
Where the others have always remained


Lend your ears to the world around you
Listen carefully and you’ll hear those voices
They’re echoes that resonate from within
Love, loss, regret, pain
And many such thoughts that are imprisoned inside
Some see the light of day
But many perish in darkness slowly one day
It’s strange how we think ahead of things
Even before they pass
But compromise when it’s a failure
And try really hard to console with a clich├ęd phrase
That everything is for our own good


Flipping through the pages of my life
I try to re-live the moments by every hour and every minute
Some were quite memorable and some just another page
There were moments that I thought would never end
And some, which I thought why did it even begin
Then I came across that part when we first met
You were not another page
But in between the pages is where you lay
The bookmark, which I turn to always
A rose that left an impression and it shall never fade