Friday, October 13, 2006


Sitting amidst four walls
Burning the midnight oil
I'm all alone and none to talk
So I try to converse with my soul
We talk about the past and the present
Some irreversible accidents
And a few unforgettable moments
But still we ponder on what the future holds
And all that's in store to surprise me
Or simply take my breath away
But there's only one moment of my past
Which I'd always love to revisit
And that's when I first met her
Now, let the history repeat


The street lights bowed their heads down
When the moon appeared in the sky
As though they're paying their respect
After watching it glow tonight

The stars gathered all around
And admired it with their twinkling eyes
But a few stars fell and vanished
As they couldn't handle the moon's pride

But suddenly it disappeared into the clouds
When you slowly stepped outside
It crumbled into pieces in envy
Seeing your glow divine

Rushing into the clouds for shelter
It scribbled a message on thin air
And spread the word all over the skies
That there's a sunbeam that dwells on earth


Lie down on green pastures under the wide open sky
Listen to the cool breeze whisper a tune as it passes by
See the stars dim their light as they try to put you to sleep
Close your eyes my Angel and travel to the land across the seas
A land that's beyond the horizon where it's just you and me

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What's Yours ?

You just can't own whatever you see
Ask yourself if you deserve what you desire
The blue of the ocean belongs to the sky
And even the moon owes its glow
to the ever shining sun
What you own is only the love you've earned
And nothing of this world belongs to you
After you're dead and gone

Together Forever

Every moment I close my eyes,

she appears with memories that never fade
She cheers me up and makes me smile
I have no regrets when we aren't in touch
Because she's always near to me
Even if she's out of reach


Walking across a deserted highway,
I know not where to go,
I've lost my way,
And my destination's unknown.

All I see is the horizon,
Where the sky is kissing the wide open green,
And I hope that my destiny's somewhere out there,
Whatever happens I just won't turn away.

I'll keep on walking even if I've to limp in pain,
Cos I believe there's a piece of land,
Where I can rest in peace.
And a soul who'll accompany me till eternity.