Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Your silence speaks volumes
I wonder if I have enough ink to quench my thirst on paper
Your silence is a mystery
I have no clue as to where to begin
Your silence is a maze
I'm not sure where it's going to lead me
Your silence reminds me of the clouds above
I'll wait till it breaks with a streak of lightning
If silence is your expression
I know not a better way to express myself than this


theshysoulcruiser said...

well.. of all your poems this one caught my eye.. i wish i cud tell u what this poem means to me but its useless to try n express it in words that wudnt quite do justice to it.. i wud just like to say thank you..

Anonymous said...

WOW.. your silence surely speaks volumes.. i somehow relate to this soooo much.. beautiful..

smriti said...

lovely :)

chytra said...


chytra said...