Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I wish to share your sorrow and pain
And my words try to console thee but all in vain
If only I had the power to heal
I would have made you whole from head to heel
Try to smile a lil while
Thinking of the bright sunny days
when we walked together for miles
Those days for sure will be back again
When thou shall never again visit
the land of remorse and pain

Nature's Wonder

Step out to the open fields
And look up to the sky
Watch the glittering stars that gaze at you
with their wide open eyes
All they do is wonder all through the night
That how can a sunbeam be seen even before sunrise

Friday, September 22, 2006

You're always on my mind

You hardly think of sunshine

while you’re walking in the rain

Neither can you recollect the moments of bliss

when in grief and pain

But for me, my Angel, you’re always on my mind

Because only the Earth forgets the sun until it’s time for dawn

But never ever has it been the other way round


I was waiting for her by the pond

Skimming pebbles across placid waters

Ripples sparked up and interrupted the stars

From gazing at their reflection

The moon cast its spell and took over darkness

But the very next moment it shied away

When she walked out of the woods like a sunbeam

And the stars hid behind the clouds without a word to spare

Thursday, September 21, 2006


When you're unable to close your eyes during the night
Step out and look up to the skies
Watch the stars that are shining bright
Staring at you with their wide open eyes
If at all you just can't sleep
It's because you need to admire them
Just the way they admire thee

To my Angel

At dawn I see you in hues of crimson
When it's dusk, you're in shades of blue
In my dreams you appear in a spectrum of tints
Oh pallette divine , you are an epitome
of the vibrant nature for sure


During the dawn, long way to dusk
When the pillars of Earth were turned into dust
The birds from hell struck with thrust
And crumbled the pillars that held the heaven
Mass massacre, souls led astray
Into the wilderness of rubble and debris
The angels of death hover around
Less chance of lives alive on the ground
Crucifixion of democracy by the savages of terror
Souls enslaved, anarchy in rule
The heaven has fallen and the Fallen dances away


She sat by my side with pain and remorse
Tears rolled down like rain drops from the skies
Mascara smudged as fingers ran across her face
Lost for words she wept in despair
The rains gave up seeing her reign of tears
I lay beside her helplessly failing to console
Craving to patch up the hole in her soul
But still she sat by my side with pain and remorse
As I lay beside her unshaken, six feet under

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Your silence speaks volumes
I wonder if I have enough ink to quench my thirst on paper
Your silence is a mystery
I have no clue as to where to begin
Your silence is a maze
I'm not sure where it's going to lead me
Your silence reminds me of the clouds above
I'll wait till it breaks with a streak of lightning
If silence is your expression
I know not a better way to express myself than this

Even broken hearts beat

Broken hearts never cease to beat,
They don't bleed but uncontrollably weep.
Memories of their beloved haunt
And their voices echo within their walls.
None can ever hear their cry
That's muted behind those mysterious eyes.